Pedal Bin

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When looking for a practical Rubbish Bin Box suitable for daily use, you will come across various systems. A Pedal Bin is the simple but effective alternative to a sensor bin. You can choose from many different, appealing and powerful models. In our shop, we present you with an attractive selection of high-quality Pedal Bins in glamorous designs. Ideally, you are looking for a good mix of exclusive looks and practical functionality. This shopping guide will show you how to achieve this in the best possible way.

Pedal bins in different designs - an overview of models

A Pedal Bin that has 2 compartments is available as a tower solution. You can also opt for a version with 3 compartments. Some bins have a colour-coded foot pedal. This eliminates the risk of confusion between the bins. If the interior is very classy, a Pedal Bin with matching foot pedals is available for the kitchen. In addition, the interior containers of most Rubbish Bin Boxes can be removed. Besides models with a plastic housing, aluminium bins can be ordered. Rubbish Bin Boxes also differ in their total volume. While some interior containers are the same size, they vary in size for other waste systems and can be adjusted to the typical household waste quantities.

Pedal bins - this is what distinguishes them from their autonomously acting competitors

Unlike sensor bins a pedal bin cannot be operated automatically. You simply open them with a foot pedal or manually. The first one can also be opened with your hands full. The simplicity of operation is a big plus when it comes to maintenance. After all, a Rubbish Bin Box with a foot pedal requires no sensor maintenance. High-quality materials ensure the durability of Pedal Bins and impress with their easy-care properties.

Pedal Bin Shopping Guide for Every Requirement

If you want to integrate a bin under a kitchen worktop into the existing furniture, we recommend a flat model in horizontal format. Children in particular find it difficult to distinguish between the different types of waste at first. A bucket with coloured foot pedals can provide valuable assistance. Do you want a sustainable solution that completely avoids the use of rubbish bags? In this case, a pedal bin with removable containers is a good solution.

If the Rubbish Bin Box is located near rest rooms, choose a model where the lid closes silently. In a single household with little space, a waste tower - a Pedal Bin that has 2 compartments - is a wise choice. As a Pedal Bin for a kitchen where cooking is frequent and a lot of steam is generated, a model made of plastic or stainless steel with its natural corrosion protection is a perfect choice. Get inspired by the stylish variants in our collection now!

Pedal Bin FAQs

What are the advantages of a Pedal Bin?

As it does not have to be opened by hand, it is a particularly hygienic solution. Furthermore, a model with a foot pedal requires little maintenance.

Who is a Rubbish Bin Box with foot pedal and removable containers suitable for?

Portable interior containers are suitable for waste that is frequently disposed of. This prevents liquids from fermenting in the first place. Such a bucket is quickly rinsed out under running water.

How long does a pedal bin last?

Rubbish Bin Boxes without sensors have a very long service life that can last for many years. High-quality workmanship is particularly conducive to this.
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