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Resistance Tubes

Many use resistance tubes for strength training. They are elastic and are rightly becoming more and more popular as a training tool, because the areas of application are very diverse. But what exactly are they and how are they sensibly being used? What exercises can you do with them, what are the advantages and differences between the various bands?

Resistance tubes- flexible, versatile and effective to use

Resistance tubes are elastic rubber bands, often made of latex or rubber. They are considered a versatile fitness tool, whether for home or on the go. They can be used to perform pulling and holding exercises. Especially the deeper muscle groups can be trained effectively. You can use the bands to stimulate the growth of the muscles.

The functioning of the resistance tubes is easily explained:

When pulled, it gives way, reacts with a counter-pull and this has a positive effect on the muscles and muscle growth. The tension makes the repetition range more difficult, which means the exercise is more intense and the effect greater. In addition to muscle strengthening, movement coordination, motor skills and the sense of balance are also promoted.

The resistance tubes are used in various sports, for example:

  • Weight training
  • Bodybuilding
  • Yoga
  • Powerlifting
  • Gymnastics
  • Cardio

Resistance tubes for strength training - various exercises possible

The bands are available in different lengths and resistance levels. Training with a smaller fitness band is good for strengthening the legs and buttocks. Longer bands are ideal for different exercises, such as:

  • Squats
  • Biceps workout
  • Rowing exercises

A fitness tube 5-piece set with different strengths is ideal for an individual whole-body workout. This means that the right band is always available for stretching, moderate workouts and intensive strength training. If it is rather light, it is suitable for smaller muscles such as the triceps. Tubes with greater resistance are ideal for large muscles, such as the thighs.


It is important that the stimulus increases continuously. Therefore, the resistance must be steadily increased by changing from lighter to higher resistance. This is another area where the set offers advantages.

Pull-up aids:

Pull-ups with a tube work as follows: It is knotted in the middle of the pull-up bar and then you stand in the lower loop and can perform the exercise. High-quality power tubes are made of tear-resistant latex, so they are also suitable for people with heavier weights. Pull-up straps or pull-up aids are used to support strength training, for example:

  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Push-ups

They are very good for warming up, stretching and stretching as well as for a complete workout. The easy hooking makes them ideal for rack workouts.

Buy resistance tubes

Fitness tubes were originally used in physiotherapy in particular for targeted regeneration of specific muscle regions. In addition, professional athletes in particular used them to stretch muscles and make intensive workouts more effective. In the meantime, recreational athletes have also recognised the many advantages. The bands are ideal for building muscle, but also promote flexibility, motor skills, sense of balance and much more. They are gentle on the joints owing to the natural movements. Many different exercises can be performed with the help of a resistance tube. This is also made possible by the different resistance classes. Whether beginner or professional, everyone can find the right band.

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