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Buying a bed sheet: What matters

In addition to the mattress, a bed sheet is the basis for a restful sleep. If it's too big and slippery, or made of an uncomfortable material, it can keep you awake. You should therefore make sure that the size of the sheet fits your mattress perfectly and that the fabric is as skin-friendly as possible. Here you can get an overview of the most common bed sheet sizes and find out which criteria play a role in purchasing.

What sheet sizes are available?

Bed sheets are available for both single and double beds. The German standard size for single beds is the 90x200 (meaning centimetres) bed sheet. Bed sheets 140x200 are suitable for narrower double beds, while the bed sheet 180x200 is the standard for a marriage bed. In addition, the dimensions 160x200 or 190x220 are available for double beds. The latter is suitable for king-size beds.

Important note: As a rule, such sheets fit a mattress height of 25 to 30 centimetres. If you sleep on a higher mattress, you should pay close attention to the correct dimensions. If the sheet does not fit perfectly, it can easily detach from the mattress and slide away over the course of the night.

What are bed sheets needed for?

The bed sheet is equipped with an elastic band so that it can be easily pulled over the mattress and, if it is the right size, it also holds up perfectly. The sewn-in elastic band can run all the way around the sheet or just be in the four corners. The all-round rubber band has the advantage that it ensures adequate tension in all directions. On the other hand, an elastic band in the four corners can wrinkle more easily.

The sheet serves primarily to protect the mattress. It protects the lying surface from dirt, bodily fluids, fungi, mites and pathogens.

Buying a bed sheet: the most important criteria at a glance

If you want to sleep peacefully, it is advisable to always pay attention to the right size and the type of integrated elastic band when buying a bed sheet. Do you sleep in a single bed or a double bed? It goes without saying that a 90x200 bed sheet is only intended for single beds.

In addition, a high-quality material is a decisive purchase criterion, as it influences the perception of heat and the production of sweat during sleep. There are cotton, satin and microfibre sheets. The soft cotton fabric jersey proves to be dimensionally stable and stretchy.


What materials are bed sheets made of?

The most common material is cotton because it is washable at high temperatures and guarantees good moisture absorption. Jersey is also made from cotton but has more stretch. Sheets made of percale look much finer. This robust cotton fabric feels very good on the skin.

Which mattresses are stretchable sheets suitable for?

Fitted sheets fit innerspring and foam mattresses. Thanks to the elastic corners, the sheet is easy to attach. Such sheets do not work well with a box spring bed or a box spring mattress.

Are there topper bed sheets?

Standard models are unsuitable because toppers are usually no higher than 10 to 12 centimetres and the sheet would wrinkle in an unsightly way. But there are also topper cotton sheets that are perfectly tailored to the topper over a box spring mattress.
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