Swing Chair

Swing chair - enjoy your free time like the stars

Feeling good, dreaming, alone, as a couple or with several friends: a swing chair brings a very special leisure experience. Hardly any garden furniture combines nostalgia and modern design, comfort and relaxation as perfectly as this does. The variety of models leaves nothing to be desired. Find what suits you best.

From simple to luxurious - garden swing

Your personal preferences determine which model you choose. A simple swing with a tubular frame and fabric covering can also be realised on a small budget. Anyone who loves their own rhythm when swinging will opt for the 2-seater swing chair. Thick upholstery and additional loose cushions are inseparable from the luxury variant. The frames of this swing chair are often made of wood, which is deeply waterproofed. The upper price range even offers you a generous frame with canopy and side privacy screen. You can close the curtains and be in your own kingdom. Nothing will disturb you there.

More than a swing bench - swing chair

Even with the simple version you will find a typical feature: the sunroof. It not only protects against weather influences from above, but also creates a cosy atmosphere. If you don't just want to sit down but also enjoy your time outdoors, the swing chair with reclining function is just right for you. To do this, the backrest is folded down so that you can have a rocking bed. With other models, you can put the backrest in several positions to meet your needs. All of our swings are suitable for self-assembly. You can simply set them up and take them down again in the cold season.

Buying a swing chair - your decision

We offer the right model for every budget. The space available to you and your personal preferences are important for your purchase decision. Would you like an awning, a sunroof or would you prefer a version without it? Should the seat be simply covered or are thick, comfortable cushions important to you? If you choose the 2-seater swing chair, the number of users will remain limited. The continuous bench creates space for several people. The style will also influence your choice: Simple steel frames are just as timelessly beautiful as the wooden porch swing. You can easily find out what suits you, the garden and the other garden furniture better.


Can the swing always stay outside?

A high-quality swing chair is weatherproof. Covers or seat fabric withstand the sun's rays. A cover that completely surrounds the swing or reliably covers the upholstery protects against rain. In the winter, it is better to dismantle the swing chair and take the parts to a sheltered, dry place.

Does the swing need a special surface?

A flat surface is an advantage. Stone slabs, on which the water can run off, protect the legs from permanent moisture. Make sure that all legs are on the ground to achieve an even load and a high level of stability.

How do you clean the garden swing?

You can find detailed instructions on how to treat your model in the article. Firm seat fabrics can be cleaned with a soft sponge and mild cleaning agents. Metal pipes are also grateful for an occasional cleaning. After a long period of use, you can paint the waterproofed wood with a wood preservative to make it weatherproof again.

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