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Buying a charcoal grill

The charcoal grill is popular because it provides a genuine grilling experience. But when buying, it is not so easy to select a product. There are different versions, such as kettle grills. This is a charcoal grill with a lid. There are many other models. But how do they differ, which ones are suitable and which features make sense? Read about it here.

Charcoal grill - what distinguishes it and what are the advantages?

True barbecue professionals opt for a charcoal grill. The power of the embers creates an unmistakable aroma and a special note. The principle is simple: You place the food to be grilled on the grate above the embers that you create with charcoal or briquettes. You can try different types of wood and thereby change the aroma. There are different sizes and shapes that give the grill appropriate characteristics.

Different types of charcoal grills

In the online shop you will find a wide range of charcoal grills in various designs, for example:

  • Kettle grill

  • Smoker grill

  • Ceramic grill

  • Swivel grill

  • Suckling pig grill

The open grill uses direct heat to cook. Kettle grills, which are charcoal grills with a lid, are well suited for cooking, smoking, and baking with their closed shape. If you want to grill thicker cuts of meat, they are also well suited because the heat stays in the device. The heat circulation is optimal and the preparation is particularly gentle. In closed versions, ventilation slots regulate the temperature.

Indirect grilling, smoking or special cooking can be done with a barbecue smoker grill. Here, the hot smoke flows around the food being grilled.

Buying a charcoal grill - which one should it be?

With charcoal grills you can give grilled food a typical smoke aroma. Different models offer different preparation options. This is how to decide for yourself which grill is right for you:

With the kettle charcoal grill you can grill and cook indirectly. Choose from different materials, such as a ceramic or stainless steel grill. In the former, very high temperatures can be reached. The stainless steel grill is particularly durable and easy to clean.

If you like special preparation methods and flavours, the smoker with a special smoking device is well suited, for example the Beef Brisket Smoker Grill. This way, you can smoke food in a controlled and gentle way. The smoke moves from the smoker box into the grill chamber. The thermometer is part of the standard equipment for smokers. Also look out for special features such as:

  • Generous grilling areas

  • Extra long stand feet for back-friendly grilling

  • Rollers with brakes

  • Fork and clamps included

  • Rain cover

Find the grill that suits you best online. Also consider the weight and size of the grill surface. Some models have an attached shelf.


Which charcoal grill should it be?

The most versatile grill is the kettle grill, which has a lid. This speeds up the cooking process. Kettle grills are versatile and offer a lot of possibilities for preparing a wide variety of grilled dishes. Smokers are also popular. This form of preparation is useful for spare ribs, for example.

What materials are grills made of?

Popular materials are stainless steel, aluminium and ceramic. The rustproof and very light stainless steel can be easily cleaned after grilling.

What are important purchase criteria for charcoal grills?

What do I use the charcoal grill for, where is it located and how many people do I want to grill for? Is the grilling direct or indirect? These are important questions to answer before you buy. Then you can choose the right grill for yourself.

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