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Smart Indoor Garden

Buy a smart indoor garden inexpensively online

Fresh herbs and sprouts are healthy and provide you with necessary minerals and vitamins. With a smart indoor garden, growing them is easy, as you don't need a garden or balcony. The plants are grown in different devices, most of which are electrically operated. The house gardens are equipped with water or earth as well as halogen light or with LED. We'll explain the differences.

Smart indoor garden - the right model

A smart indoor garden can be colloquially described as a herb corner within the home. With the help of technology, however, a flowerpot on the window sill can be turned into a small garden, the supply of which can be controlled automatically. Before you can buy a smart indoor garden, you should choose the device that suits your preferences from the various models. In all smart indoor gardens, the plants grow under artificial light, however the structure and care of the plants differ.

A cress box from the supermarket already counts as an indoor garden. A smart garden, on the other hand, automatically ensures the right watering and optimal light duration, so that your plants always have perfect growing conditions. In addition, the smart garden reminds you when you need to check the water level or add nutrients.

Subdivision - smart garden

1. Active pump systems - The water contains the necessary nutrient substrate and is actively transported to the roots by a pump.

2. Deep water culture systems - The roots of the plants reach into the water and to the added nutrients.

3. Wicking systems - Wicking systems use substrate capsules containing nutrients as well as tap water.

Differences: Indoor herb gardens of the first and second category are rooted in the water, while with the wicking systems the plants are supplied with water through the soil.

  • 1. AeroGarden: Seven plants can grow simultaneously in this device. They root in small water containers. The necessary water levels and nutrient quantities are automatically determined by the device.

  • 2. Sun Garden: This mini garden is height adjustable. The seeds are sown in the ground, and with the help of an LED system, the seedlings receive sufficient light for growth. There is a water container under the soil. The water reaches the roots of the plants via a cotton cloth, which is located inside the soil container and reaches up to the water tank. This saves a pumping device and delivers the exact amount of water required.

  • 3. Smart Herb Garden: All plants grow in soil that uses nanotechnology to regulate soil oxygen levels. The exact amounts of nutrients that the plant needs for its growth are added to the soil. The device is equipped with LED technology, so the lamps rarely have to be replaced and the power consumption is very low.

  • Why buy an indoor garden or smart garden?

    Wicking systems that are very easy to use are suitable for beginners. You put the capsules in the device, fill in water, plug it into the mains and your smart garden indoor project begins to take shape. With the other two systems, you need more accessories.

    Indoor gardens provide you with a larger selection of herbs than the supermarkets offer. Plus, these home-grown plants are guaranteed to be free from fertilisers and pesticides.

    Smart indoor garden FAQs

    Which indoor herb garden is the easiest to use?

    Wicking systems are easy to handle thanks to the use of substrate capsules and are also less expensive.

    Are smart indoor gardens also suitable for strawberry plants?

    Models that can be adjusted in height so that there is more space between the lamp and the ground are also suitable for larger plants.

    Do smart indoor gardens need daylight?

    Every smart garden that is operated indoors is equipped with an electric light source which therefore ensures optimal plant growth, even in rooms with less incidence of light.
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