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Retro Record Players

Retro record players with many practical functions

A high-quality record player with a retro design impressively combines functionality and looks: Enjoy music from LPs and at the same time appreciate the beautiful appearance of your record player. Here in the shop, you can choose from different models that offer attractive extras such as digitisation and recording functions.

Versatile record players in retro design to choose from

Are you looking for an LP player that stands out with its classic and warm look? Then you are making the perfect decision with a record player in a vintage look! These devices are reminiscent of turntables from earlier decades and differ significantly from the now typical and often cheap-looking plastic designs.

Elegant wooden housing, attractive fabric covers over the speakers and lovingly designed shapes: With an LP player in retro design you can beautify your home and set a striking visual accent. Many record players here in the shop are also suitable for mobile use, and the retro models also magically attract attention outside the home. Whether you're swimming at the lake, at a party or for another occasion: You're sure to attract attention!

Buy a record player that meets your visual and functional needs: The choice is large! Models with a suitcase housing, for example, can be comfortably carried. Additional legs look nice and make it easier to set up, while detachable legs guarantee flexibility. In terms of colour, you can choose between a wide range of light and dark wood colours as well as various classic and upbeat colours: The spectrum ranges from white to pink retro record players.

When comparing, consider the different features. All record players in the range offer an appealing sound quality with internal or external speakers: Enjoy your old or newly purchased records! With modern devices, you benefit from many other additional functions.

Multifunctional: Advantages of innovative retro record players

Manufacturers of retro record players have taken technical developments into account: They add extras to the vinyl function! High-quality turntables, for example, have a digital recording function. Digitise your records and listen to music directly from the record or via MP3 files. Record players with a vintage look have additional functions:

  • Bluetooth for streaming

  • FM or DAB radio tuner

  • CD player

  • Cassette deck

  • Connection for headphones

  • Remote control

Buy the optimal retro record player

Here in the shop, you can buy a record player that impresses with its retro design and good sound quality. It is best to compare the different models in detail. The photos will give you a visual impression - you can find all the technical details on the individual product pages.

First of all, think about what features you want. Do you want to convert vinyl records to MP3 files? Do you want to listen to the radio? Do you have CDs or cassettes that you want to play on your future turntable? Also pay attention to features such as Bluetooth, legs, headphone jack, USB port and integrated or external speakers!


What is a retro record player?

The design of these record players is based on historical models. The housing is usually made of high-quality wood, and various decorative elements ensure a special look!

What functions does a modern record player with a retro design offer?

Many devices combine the function of the turntable with a recording function, a radio and a CD player. Some models also allow streaming and playing of cassettes.

Which retro record player should I buy?

That depends on your requirements. Check whether you like the look and the range of functions. The price also plays a role for many buyers: Here in the shop you can buy inexpensive and high-quality retro turntables.
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