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Pads, Cushions & Pillows

Comfortable and visually appealing: Garden chair pads enhance any piece of seating furniture

Whether in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony: Only a garden chair pad makes your outdoor seating furniture comfortable. The cushions are available in different sizes, finishes, materials and designs. They ensure excellent seating comfort. In addition, high-quality garden chair pads are visually impressive. You can buy the right garden chair pad for almost any piece of seating furniture in our online shop.

Garden chair pads for every application

High-back chairs require cushions with a long back. Naturally comfortable armchairs can do with a cushion. The dimensions of each cushion must be matched as precisely as possible to your outdoor seating furniture. If you choose a pad that is too large, it will not keep a firm hold on the chair. Covers that are too small not only look out of place, they may not even be able to be fitted.

Some chair pads are attached using elastic straps or cords. Others have a slot on the back to accommodate the backrest of the chair. This variant is particularly easy to attach and remove.

The thickness of the upholstery and its dimensional stability determine the seating comfort. High-quality foams are considered resilient and durable. Covers should be hard-wearing, easy to care for and UV-resistant. Polyester meets these requirements. Particularly comfortable cushions for high-backed chairs have an additional head pad that you can remove when not in use.

Pads for garden benches and pallet furniture complete the range. Whether classic or modern: Thanks to a huge selection of colours and patterns, cushions for armchairs, chairs and benches can be harmoniously adapted to any environment.

Garden chair pads, cushions & pillows - Dimensions are crucial for making the right choice

You should pay the most attention to the dimensions of the pad when making your selection. If it doesn't fit, it can fulfil its function only insufficiently or not at all. Polyester is considered to be particularly robust and moisture-resistant. Cotton is breathable and ensures a comfortable fit in hot summer weather. In terms of weather resistance and longevity, however, cotton falls behind polyester.

Thick pads and chair cushions must be removed before chairs can be stacked. If you choose thinner variants, your chairs can also be stowed away with the cushions installed to save space.

If your seating furniture is permanently placed outdoors and only the cushions are stowed dry when not in use, they should be easy to remove. If you have to undo knotted cords every time, it will be annoying and time consuming. Elastic straps or backrest inserts make your work easier.

Buying garden chair pads - which is the right one?

If your cushions are to survive a thunderstorm unscathed, polyester is recommended as the material for the cover. Polyester is also the first choice for heavy-duty use. If you sweat a lot in summer, you will find cotton covers or blended fabrics comfortable.

Thick cushions ensure increased seating comfort. However, thinner editions can be stowed away to save space. Removable covers give you the option of machine washing them according to the care instructions.


Which fabric is suitable for garden chair cushions?

Polyester is weatherproof, water and dirt repellent and does not fade. Stains can be easily removed. Important for allergy sufferers: Pollen cannot penetrate the material.

Can you machine wash garden chair cushions?

If the covers are removable, they can usually be machine washed without any problems. You should definitely follow the manufacturer's care instructions.

Does it make sense to waterproof garden chair pads?

If you treat your garden chair cushions with waterproofing spray when they are new or after washing, you can prevent soiling.

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