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Balance Boards

Balance board: the all-rounder for playful training

A wooden balance board is a real multi-training talent. It gives you the opportunity to train the muscles of your entire body as well as your coordination and balance. The training not only increases your fitness, but is also fun. Thanks to the non-slip surface and stoppers on both ends of the board, you can get started right away, even as a beginner. Beginners and advanced users alike can simply unscrew the stoppers to increase the level of difficulty.

In our shop you can buy your own high-quality balance board. You will receive a floor protection mat and a cork roll with your indoor board.

Different types of balance boards

First and foremost, a distinction is made between balance boards for adults and boards for children. Balance boards for children from the age of 3 are characterised by their strongly curved shape. They enable particularly safe and age-appropriate balancing. Within adult boards, we offer a wide range of different models that vary in shape.

Our range includes the following models:

  • Balance Board Kids
  • Indoorboard Wave
  • Indoorboard Flow
  • Indoorboard Allrounder
  • Indoorboard Classic
  • Indoorboard Physio natur

What is a balance board used for?

A fitness balance board is particularly versatile. It is used to increase balance and coordination, as well as to train the whole body to build muscle. On your indoor board, you can train your core muscles and your sense of balance in particular. A pleasant side effect: Training on the balance trainer is a lot of fun.

The balance board training effect leads to an increase in your general fitness, and can support you in numerous sports - including skiing, skateboarding and surfing, as well as martial arts, football and basketball. The unscrewable stoppers at both ends make the boards equally suitable for beginners and professionals.

Purchase advice

A balance board made of wood is the ideal training aid for users young and old. It enables training of the entire body and has a particularly supportive effect on the core muscles. You also train your balance and coordination on the board. Balancing has a positive effect on training for numerous other sports.

On the special boards for children, even the youngest athletes can playfully train in their own children's room.

Balance Board FAQs

Who are the boards suitable for?

The balance trainers are suitable for adults of all ages. The boards for children are suitable for adolescents from the age of 3 years.

What can be trained with the boards?

A fitness balance board is suitable for total body training and supports muscle building throughout the body. In addition, coordination and balance are trained.

What material are the boards made of?

The boards consist of ten layers of maple wood and are made in Germany. The included cork roll and cork mat are made of natural cork that comes from sustainable cultivation in Portugal.

In which sports do the boards have a supportive effect?

The boards support training for board sports such as surfing, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding. They also have a supportive effect on training for other sports such as football, basketball and martial arts.
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