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Beer pong - table for the popular game of skill and high-spirited happenings

Beer pong is one of the most popular outdoor entertainment options. The cups of the other team have to be hit with table tennis balls. For the team whose cup was hit, the game becomes a drinking event. The name of the game is no coincidence, as there is usually plenty of beer flowing. So that you won't have to improvise, you can buy a table with the necessary equipment and accessories for beer pong from us. In the following overview, find out to what extent the different versions differ from each other and which accessories ensure your beer pong experience.

Beer pong - a high precision game for leisure and tournaments

The heart of the beer pong game is a table, which has recesses. These are fitted on both sides with the cups filled with beer. It is now a matter of aiming table tennis balls into the cups on the opposite side. This requires precise attention and a high level of concentration. A game of beer pong trains your dexterity and encourages you to defeat the opposing team with your team. The more times the other team scores, the more beer flows down your throat. Of course, you are welcome to modify the game and replace beer with non-alcoholic drinks. The alcohol-free version is also great fun for children.

Beer pong - balls, cups, tables & more in our versatile shop range

With us, you can buy a table together with the right accessories in a practical set. In this case, you will receive a suitcase containing differently coloured Solo cups, table tennis balls and the rules. Together with the table and the cup holders, you are optimally equipped for your challenge. We offer you the table in attractive printed designs. The surface is easy to clean and weatherproof. There is sure to be a model for your taste. For space-saving storage, you can simply fold the table up until the next match. You can also get individual beer pong cups and balls from us.

Buy a beer pong table - the right model for every taste

Looking for a beer pong table for your outdoor area that blends harmoniously into the elegant exterior? In this case, we recommend a black version with a high-quality melamine coating. The red and blue cups come into full effect in this example. A table with a coating in a wooden design does justice to the character of a "BeerCup". Have most of the balls gone over the neighbour's fence? Simply buy them separately from us together with the cups.


What drink do you drink at beer pong?

Beer in the classic sense - but many are also increasingly opting for mixed drinks such as a beer and cola mix. Soft drinks such as cola and lemonade are suitable for children.

How much do you have to drink at beer pong?

So that the beer doesn't go to the players' heads, the cups should only be filled to a third. However, there are no rules for this.

Who invented beer pong?

Jere Daniell - a history professor at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire - is said to have created the game in the 1950s.

How many people do you play beer pong with?

This game of skill is intended for 2 to 10 people per team.

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