Training gloves

Buy training gloves - the right glove for every sport

As a passionate athlete, you know how important good equipment is. Training gloves for men and women are part of the basic equipment for many sports. They warm your hands in winter while practicing outdoor sports such as running or football training, In many sports, they are primarily used for safety.

There are no universal sport gloves, because every sport has different requirements. Here is an overview of the different types of gloves.

Fitness gloves

Fitness gloves protect your hands and wrists when lifting weights or doing other sports in the gym. They have padding on the inside to protect your skin from pressure points. An important aspect is the additional grip. With fitness gloves, heavy dumbbells don't slip out of your hands so quickly. This increases your security.

Gloves for various sports such as biking or skiing

The range of training gloves also includes special gloves for certain sports such as mountain biking, skiing or golf. Such gloves meet the special requirements of the respective sport. They are used for safety in many areas. When mountain biking, for example, they provide a better grip and protect hands and wrists.

Gloves as protection against the cold for outdoor sport

Anyone who goes running or does football training in winter knows that their hands can get really cold. The body cools down through the extremities. Gloves for outdoor sport primarily protect against the cold. In addition, some also offer improved grip.

Buying training gloves - what should I pay attention to?

When buying, there are various aspects to consider. Above all, you should make sure that the gloves fit your sport. Here are the key points to consider when making your purchasing decision.

  • Grip: Do you need a better grip during sport? Then opt for gloves with the "grip" feature. They have rubber nubs or some other surface treatment on the inside.

  • Padding: Padded gloves protect your hands from pressure points and injuries. You need them, for example, for fitness training with heavy dumbbells or when biking.

  • Half-gloves: We sweat when we exercise, so there are half-gloves for indoor sport and warm weather. They protect your hands and offer grip, but your fingers are free and therefore have no restricted sense of touch.

  • The material: Depending on the sport, different materials are preferred. Bodybuilding gloves and biking gloves are made of leather, for example. Leather is particularly robust and breathable. Synthetic fabrics are lighter and softer, they dry quickly and are easy to care for. However, with a few exceptions, they are less durable.

Conclusion: There are training gloves for many sports in different variants. Choose the gloves made for your sport. If you train mainly in good weather or indoors, you only need half-gloves. Well-lined gloves with fingers serve as protection against the cold.

Training Gloves FAQs

What are the benefits of wearing gloves during training?

Gloves bring you more safety during training and they can protect your hands from injuries and cold.

Can you wash training gloves?

You can wash most gloves without any problems. Just follow the manufacturer's washing instructions.

Do women's and men's training gloves differ?

Training gloves for men and women differ in size and fit.

Are gloves with wrist protection better?

Models with wrist protection stabilise the wrist and can protect against overload. The opposing opinion is that the joints and tendons are protected too much by the wrist guard and are thus not trained.

You can find the best training gloves for your fitness in our shop. Discover professional training gloves for women and men for your favourite sport in different versions and designs.

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