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Baby Car Seat & Stroller

Baby car seat and stroller: Safe, practical and functional

Whether for a trip to their grandparents or a family walk together, small children want to be just as safe and comfortable as their grown-ups. With a high-quality baby car seat and a good stroller, this is no problem. To make your selection easier, we'll present the most important decision criteria below.

The car seat for children: What should I pay attention to?

Basically, every child car seat is assigned to a specific class. The classic classification begins with class 0: Here we are dealing with a car seat for the baby that is shaped like a shell and is rear-facing. It can be used with babies up to a body weight of ten kilograms. Class 0+ is very similar, but is suitable for a body weight of up to 13 kilograms. A Class I child car seat is aimed at babies weighing between 9 and 18 kilograms. Here, you have the choice between a forward-facing model or a so-called reboarder. Class II, on the other hand, is already a booster seat and is significantly more compact. These seats are offered with and without back support. Your darling can use it up to preschool and school age, as the maximum weight limit is 25 kilograms. And then there is Class III. This booster seat is suitable for a body weight between 22 and 36 kilograms, which corresponds to an age of seven to twelve years. If you want to buy a child seat, you should always pay attention to the respective class.

Baby stroller, or would you prefer a buggy?

Anyone planning to buy a stroller today can choose between many different designs. At the beginning, a baby stroller that allows your little one to lie comfortably is a good idea. You can even attach a baby seat to some models. Extras such as shock absorbers on the wheels and spacious storage baskets make it easier for you to go out with your child. If you choose a combination stroller, you usually get a carrycot and a seat unit, so the stroller grows with you, so to speak. If your little one can sit independently, you can easily replace the carrycot with the seat unit. A stroller as a buggy is significantly more compact, space-saving and more manoeuvrable. It is suitable for babies from around six months of age and is usually equipped with an adjustable backrest. Alternatively, you can opt for a sport stroller. This offers more comfort than a buggy and has good suspension. Your baby should already be able to sit alone for both the buggy and the sport stroller.

The most important aspects when buying a baby car seat or stroller

Age, weight and intended use play the biggest roles in selection. However, workmanship is at least as important. Therefore, make sure whether the product you want complies with the latest safety standards and has a test mark. As far as the look is concerned, you can decide based on your personal taste, because today's designs are all beautiful!


How should a stroller for babies be equipped?

You need a baby mattress that is not too soft, moisture protection, a fitted cover, a foot muff and, ideally, a lambskin.

What is an i-Size child seat?

This is a child seat for the car that complies with the ECE R129 standard that came into force in 2013. Here, the classification is no longer based on weight, but rather on height. However, the old standard ECE R44 (weight classes) remains valid.

How do I keep my child warm in a baby car seat?

There are special wrapping blankets with slots through which the belt can be pulled.
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