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Serving & Kitchen Trolleys

Shop for kitchen and serving trolleys online at a great price

Kitchen and serving trolleys are indispensable tools that no household should be without. They are small, compact and offer lots of extra storage space. Kitchen trolleys on castors are particularly practical. They can be positioned flexibly and are always at hand where they are needed.

What are the different types of kitchen and serving trolleys?

Some models are made of wood, others of metal or even plastic. Kitchen and serving trolleys made of wood are particularly popular. Wood radiates a pleasant warmth and inspires with stylish aesthetics. In addition, wooden kitchen trolleys are very robust and fit very well into a wide variety of kitchen designs. If you want a cosy and inviting kitchen, wooden kitchen trolleys are the perfect choice.

Models made of stainless steel have a modern and elegant look that can be harmoniously combined with many kitchen interiors. The elegant metal creates a professional look and lets your kitchen appear tidy. Stainless steel models are almost indestructible and will be with you for many years.

Many trolleys offer a multitude of practical details. From wonderfully mobile kitchen trolleys on castors that stand out for their flexibility, to models with drawers, shelves or cupboard doors, to kitchen trolleys with worktops or wine racks. Kitchen trolleys with worktops in particular offer many advantages. Working space is usually limited in the kitchen. It's just nice to have extra space available with this practical accessory.

What do the different models have to offer?

Basically, the available models have similar features. They provide more shelf space and additional storage space. Serving trolleys usually feature castors so that you can transport and serve food and drinks perfectly, while kitchen trolleys are designed more for stationary use in the kitchen.

Kitchen Trolleys & Serving Trolleys Shopping Guide

The versatile models from Klarstein meet all your needs and convince with excellent quality and an excellent price-performance ratio. With such a large selection, you are guaranteed to find the perfect kitchen trolley for you! And the best thing about Klarstein? The first-class workmanship ensures that you will enjoy your purchase for many years to come. A special highlight is the Great Gatsby by OneConcept. It stands to reason that its name was inspired by the famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, "The Great Gatsby".

An all-rounder that stands out from the crowd with its aesthetic appeal. This is where classic design meets functionality. In contrast to a wooden serving trolley, the Great Gatsby is very suitable for professional use in large kitchens, canteens and similar facilities. Get the stylish and professional helper in your kitchen!

Serving & Kitchen Trolleys FAQs

How do I clean the practical trolleys?

A damp cloth with which the trolley is briefly wiped is usually sufficient. For models made of stainless steel, special care can work miracles from time to time.

How much does a kitchen trolley cost?

Depending on the design, material and available features, prices can vary considerably. A solid and aesthetically pleasing model from Klarstein can be purchased for around 100 to 150 euros.

Where can I buy a kitchen trolley?

You can easily buy your new kitchen gadget online at elektronik-star.
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