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Buy a Pool Table at Electronic Star for Optimal Leisure Activities

Fine felt, polished balls and elegant cues: Billiards is a game that has fascinated people of all ages for centuries and is played professionally in countless clubs and leagues. If you want to practice in peace or play regularly with friends, you can buy your own pool table. The tables are not only available in the classic lengths of 7 and 8 feet, but also foldable versions, 4-in-1 tables and small sizes offer optimal gaming fun - even if there is no space for your own billiard room in your home.

What are the Different Forms of Play in Billiards?

There are at least seven different game variants in billiards, for which there are different sets of rules and individual agreements. Pool billiards is the most commonly played variant. Snooker and carom are also popular forms of play. However, the latter two forms of play use a different table, for example in snooker the table is traditionally larger and the pockets are smaller. The table for carom has no pockets, and it is only played with three balls and the cue.

Buying a Pool Table from Riley: High Quality and Versatile

If you play billiards primarily as a hobby, you can play pool and snooker on the same table and do not need two separate tables. The manufacturer Riley offers a compact and foldable billiard table for both game variants with the model FS-6. The table is 6 feet long (about 183 cm) and folds away to save space when not in use. To add variety to the hobby room, a dartboard and an attachable table tennis table are also included.

The FSPW-6 pool table from Riley is also foldable and still of high quality. In just a few simple steps, it transforms into a stable table for pool and snooker. The 6-foot billiard table ISD1055, which also comes from Riley, cannot be folded, but can be converted into a desk or dining table. The big advantage of this variant: The pool table combines the stability of a conventional model with the flexibility of a foldable table.

Riley also implements the concept of multifunctionality in its 4-in-1 pool table. Here, eleven games that can be played on four different surfaces are possible. These include table football, table tennis, bowling and - thanks to an electric blower - an action-packed game of air hockey.

Stable and Large: Pure Billiards on a 7 or 8-foot Pool Table

Anyone who plays billiards regularly and has enough space available is well advised to use a large pool table as a standing variant. The manufacturer oneConcept, for example, offers the Brighton model with a red cloth. The internal ball return makes it easier to remove the ball, and the cherry wood veneer makes the table appear elegant and of high quality. The model is alternatively available with a green fabric and dark walnut veneer. The manufacturer has an even larger table ready with the Leeds model. The 8-foot table measures approximately 132 x 244 cm.

Foldable or Not? Large or Small Pool Table? Which Model is the Right One?

Which billiard table is best suited for which purpose depends primarily on two factors: the ambitions of the players and the space available. A 6-foot foldable table is recommended for children and occasional games. Foldable variants also have the advantage that they can be stored in a space-saving manner. But if you play billiards regularly and want to continuously develop your skills, you should opt for a fixed table. Once set up, this offers a straight, stable playing surface and - also due to its own weight - a high level of stability. An alternative is a fixed table that can be used as a dining table or desk. But be careful, as a drink falling over on the table can damage the material and, in the worst case, the wood of the billiard table.

All the tables offered in the Electronic Star online shop are ideal for hobby rooms and party rooms - regardless of whether the pool table entertains the kids in the afternoons, is used as a competition area for party guests or supports new billiard players in their training. Above all, the large models from the brands Riley and oneConcept are also suitable for players who want to set up their first billiard room. The tables offered are pre-assembled and easy to set up. Cues, balls and accessories are usually included. Therefore, nothing stands in the way of the first game immediately after assembly!

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