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Yoghurt Makers

Yoghurt maker - make delicious and healthy yoghurt yourself

With a yoghurt machine, you can let your own creativity run wild in the home kitchen - and at the same time reduce plastic waste. In the uncomplicated DIY process, you can prepare your morning yoghurt or desserts just the way you like them - using fewer or many ingredients. Particularly practical: You can usually even use the yoghurt maker to make your own ice cream, since the principle is the same except for the cooling.

You should know these differences if you want to buy a yoghurt maker

Electric yoghurt makers are not rocket science. On the contrary, because strictly speaking, making yoghurt yourself is neither time-consuming nor particularly complicated. All you need for this are the respective ingredients and the right device - which you can buy online here and have conveniently sent to your own front door.

There are models with or without a power plug. If you only want to use the device in the home kitchen, it makes sense to choose one with a mains plug. In addition, the various yoghurt makers differ in terms of their capacity. You can choose to easily dispense yoghurt into multiple small portion jars, or work with just a single large container instead. The latter then requires that you fill the finished yoghurt yourself, and you can also act a little more flexibly in terms of taste.

If you are looking for a yoghurt maker: What else should you pay attention to?

A yoghurt maker can actively support and relieve you with its functions. When it comes to yoghurt production, this applies above all to the preparation time. It usually takes about eight to twelve hours from adding the ingredients to getting your finished yoghurt. Your personal taste plays a role in this regard, because the preparation time determines whether the yoghurt is barely sour or more sour, and you can also determine how firm it is. An integrated timer or an automatic switch-off is advantageous in this respect, as you can simply let the yoghurt mature overnight - the device then switches itself off according to the set time so as not to negatively affect the consistency of the yoghurt.

DIY yoghurt succeeds with a high-quality yoghurt machine

Always follow the manufacturer's instructions for your device. Most devices have scales printed on them that will help you when filling the ingredients and the maturing time. The latter is also determined, for example, by whether you use whole milk or low-fat milk for the preparation. If you want to use a lot of ingredients, you should also make sure that the container is big enough. Small devices sometimes do not offer the necessary space for many ingredients. The best thing to do is browse through our selection of quality devices right away - then DIY yoghurt and ice cream won't be far away!


How do you clean a yoghurt maker?

Pay attention to the manufacturer's instructions! Of course, you should always unplug the device first. Most devices are dishwasher safe, so you can just throw them in the dishwasher.

What size yoghurt maker should you buy?

For small households, portion glasses from 150 to 200 ml are sufficient. Larger households are better off with large containers with a capacity of between one and two litres - more ingredients fit in at the same time.

What do you need for your own yoghurt?

Apart from the respective device, you actually only need yoghurt ferment and milk. Of course, you also need the ingredients for the flavours that you want your yoghurt to have.
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