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Buying an oven

Whether cake, casserole or a roast, the oven is indispensable for many things. There is a large selection: Whether it is a free-standing model, built-in, mini or double oven, everyone can buy the right model. Read everything you need to know about the different variants, features and purchase criteria here.

Oven - a must-have in most kitchens

If you want to bake, cook, roast or grill, the versatile oven is your perfect helper in the kitchen. Whether you are preparing meat, fish, casseroles or cakes, an oven is part of the standard equipment. Devices suitable for families have a spacious cooking chamber with a volume of 70 litres, for example.

Different types of ovens

In our online shop, you will find the right model for your kitchen. The requirements differ greatly. Thus, it makes sense that a wide variety of devices are offered. The ovens are free-standing or available as built-in units in different versions. As the name suggests, the latter can be integrated into a fitted kitchen for a uniform look. There are also installation sets that come with an extractor hood.

The mini oven is a space-saving model for mini kitchens and small households. There are appliances in our range that are not only powerful, but also have impressive features, such as the Masterchef 60 mini oven. The double oven has two cooking chambers.

Electrically-operated ovens, that is, electric stoves, dominate. But you can also buy a gas stove, in which the heat is generated by burning gas and you can regulate the temperature much more precisely than with conventional electric devices. There are two options here: natural gas with a fixed connection or liquid propane gas from the bottle.

Special features of the ovens

Modern ovens can be easily controlled with a control panel with digital display and rotary selector switches and often have useful additional functions, for example

  • Lower and upper heat

  • Defrosting

  • Grill and convection

  • Pizza function

  • Various slots for baking trays and grids

  • Switchable cooking compartment lighting

  • Integrated digital display to show the settings

  • Adjustable timer

With modern devices, such as the Robuchon built-in oven, cleaning is easy thanks to the interior pyrolysis. Residues such as fat are burned completely. Ovens with energy efficiency classes A and A+ are economical to use.

Buying an oven - which one should it be?

Whether a free-standing variant, built-in, mini or double oven, whether few or many additional functions, you decide which appliance suits you best. For example, with a timer it is possible to program the oven so that your food is ready on time at noon. Ovens with a generous volume of 70 litres are suitable for a medium-sized or large household. For small households, there are mini devices that easily replace normal ovens. Modern models clean themselves using pyrolysis. The size of the household, the situation in the kitchen and your own needs all play a role in your purchase decision. If you use the oven frequently, opt for good energy efficiency to save electricity and protect the environment.


Who is a mini oven suitable for?

Mini ovens are significantly smaller, but are in no way inferior to conventional models. They are powerful and the feature set is similar. Ovens with a capacity of 70 litres are ideal for couples and families.

What should you look out for when buying?

Choose a device with energy class A or A+. Types of heating such as top and bottom heat as well as circulating air and hot air are standard functions in a modern oven. A timer function or integrated self-cleaning function also upgrade the device and expand the range of use.

What different ovens are there?

Choose from different models, such as a free-standing oven, mini, double or built-in oven. There are devices powered by electricity or gas. In addition, sets are offered which, in addition to the oven, also feature a built-in or substructure hood.

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