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Buy office furniture inexpensively online

Many people sit in front of the PC for several hours every day. In order to stay productive and concentrate on your work, your office furnishings must be well planned. The right office furniture and practical office equipment, such as a desk organizer which provides a fixed place for your utensils, make work much easier, more pleasant and more comfortable. But what is important to consider, and what distinguishes high-quality products when buying new office furniture?

Pay attention to quality office furniture and practical office equipment

A lot of factors contribute to making you feel comfortable in front of the computer and having more fun at work. Comfort enables efficiency while improving motivation. Ergonomics are important in the workplace so that there is no risk of health problems. A good choice is a height-adjustable desk. Sitting in a bent position for long periods of time causes tension in the back, shoulder and neck muscles. By adapting to your body size, you can prevent poor posture and complaints such as:

  • tension
  • back pain

With the height-adjustable table, you can alternate between sitting and standing as needed. The latter has benefits for the circulatory system and blood flow. The crank mechanism allows you to choose different heights. A special feature of the oneConcept Multidesk desk is not only the adjustable height - you can also adjust the width.

Functions of office furniture

  • Simple and timeless elegance of the desks
  • Uncomplicated mechanism thanks to the hand crank for adjusting the table height, you can work sitting or standing
  • Crank is foldable and disappears under the desk top
  • Adjustable width
  • High load capacity
  • Height-adjustable feet to compensate for uneven floors

With the Multidesk Comfort desk, the table top moves up or down at the touch of a button thanks to electrical control. You can save different settings. A timer reminds you when you should change working positions.

Practical office equipment

The right office equipment enables structured work. In the online shop, you can get various products that make it easier and more pleasant in the office or at home. These include:

  • Storage compartment or box as a desk organizer
  • Pen holder for the desk
  • Height-adjustable monitor stand, cooling thanks to hole pattern
  • Cable trough or wire basket for socket strips

With the storage compartment you can keep everything well sorted. A monitor mount optimises an ergonomic sitting position and creates space on the desk. As for the stand, with which you can reduce or avoid neck and back pain thanks to the ergonomic height, the screen distance should be around 70 centimetres.

Buying office furniture - what do you need?

No office should be without a height-adjustable desk. When it comes to equipment, you decide how you want to best organise your workplace. Storage aids are indispensable. Storage aids are indispensable. These and much more increase efficiency and productivity. You can also create storage space with shelves and cupboards. Buy your furniture and equipment inexpensively online for every purpose.

Office furniture FAQs

Why should the desk be height adjustable?

In addition to an office chair, the desk plays an important role in a sedentary job. If it is height adjustable, either by crank or electrically, you can adapt the workplace to your own height and sit more upright to protect your back. For a change, you can also work while standing to stimulate your circulation and blood flow.

Which office equipment makes sense?

There is the right accessory that enables efficient work for every need, for example a storage compartment, pen holder or monitor stand. With an organizer you can sort everything in one place.

What are the advantages of a monitor mount?

A monitor mount optimises an ergonomic sitting position and creates space on the desk.
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