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Water Boilers & Drink Dispensers

Water boilers & drink dispensers

If you like preserving fruit and vegetables, you can buy a water boiler preserving machine and produce a wide variety of foods for many months or even years. This saves you a lot of time and effort compared to the conventional saucepan. Read here what exactly water boilers are (or drink dispensers, as they are also called), how they work and what features make them special.

Water boilers and drink dispensers - good to know

If you have more fruit and vegetables in your garden than you can use fresh, you can use an automatic preserving machine to preserve them. You can use it to prepare and preserve a wide variety of foods, such as:

  • Jam
  • Tomato ketchup
  • Chutney
  • Sausage and meat dishes

Many know it from grandmother's kitchen. But the devices that have existed for decades are now making a comeback, and now with great features. No wonder, because they allow you to still enjoy your harvest or bulk purchases in winter.

You can also prepare mulled wine, which you traditionally know as spiced wine from Christmas markets, and other hot drinks such as tea. The devices have a tap and an integrated warming function.

How do water boilers work and what are the features?

A water boiler preserving machine does a lot of the work for you when preserving. In it, you put filled jars with preserves, stack them, fill the pot with water and choose the desired temperature and time. The automatic water boiler then cooks for you. This is possible without chemical preservatives. The lid is pressed tightly by the resulting negative pressure and your contents are sterile vacuumed. The device works automatically. It maintains the selected temperature, and at the end of the preserving time, it switches itself off. Since the pot is electrically operated, it works independently of the stove. A heating spiral is integrated in the floor to heat the water. Various features ensure plenty of convenience, for example:

  • Preserving grid
  • Lid with locking system
  • Overheating protection
  • Preserving pot with thermometer
  • Temperature regulation
  • Various adjustable setting times
  • Timer
  • Built-in digital display
  • Cool-touch handle

Buying water boilers & drink dispensers - different types

In the online shop you will find various water boiler devices. Select the product that has your desired capacity, for example:

  • Biggie Small automatic water boiler: 16 litres
  • Abbey 25 automatic water boiler: 25 litres
  • KonfiStar 40 Digital automatic water boiler: 40 litres
  • Abbey 60 automatic water boiler: 60 litres

With a capacity of 30 litres, for example, up to 14 glasses of one litres each fit in one operation. A 16-litre preserving pot is suitable for up to seven one-litre preserving jars. Devices made of stainless steel score with very good heat conduction, are optically very high quality, and are robust and durable.

Buying a water boiler - which one is right for me?

Choose your preferred capacity and your favourite features. 2-in-1 devices allow you to use it as a preserving machine or, thanks to the tap and outlet tap, as a hot drink maker and dispenser, for example for tea, mulled wine or punch. Some of the devices can be controlled digitally. A water boiler preserving pot with thermometer is an advantage. Overall, you can choose from several functions.


What is a water boiler?

This kitchen appliance is a pot in different sizes that you plug into the mains socket, so it is therefore independent of the cooker. A heating coil, thermostat and insert grate are integrated in the base. The pot enables the preservation of various foods, such as fruit, vegetables or meat, which can be preserved for a long period of time.

What are the benefits of a water boiler?

The pot makes cooking preserves easier. It has a high capacity. You can stack the glasses on top of each other. It maintains the correct temperature and controls the cooking time on appliances with a timer. During the boiling process, all microorganisms are destroyed and the contents of the jars are kept sterile. Thanks to the mains plug, you can take the pot with you anywhere. You don't need a cooktop. The devices score with various features such as overheating protection, temperature control and heat-insulated handles.

What is the difference between a water boiler and a mulled wine kettle?

Pure water boiler preserving machines usually do not have a drain tap for liquids such as tea or mulled wine. Mulled wine kettle drink dispensers also have the function for preserving. Thus, you have two devices in one.
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