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Stay cool with your own ice cream maker

When the temperatures rise and the summer sun shines, at the latest then the ice cream season is open. These are the best times for connoisseurs who can't get enough of an ice-cold treat. However, good ice cream parlours that still create their own products and offer homemade specialities are rarer than you might think. If you are not satisfied with this and prefer to do it yourself, you can alternatively buy your own ice cream machine or ice cream maker online. This makes it child's play to make your own favourite flavour.

Overview of the different ice cream machines

In general, a distinction is made between ice cream machines with and without a compressor. The latter have the particular advantage that they can be used to make much larger quantities in less time. The integrated compressor inside ice cream machines keeps the pre-produced ice cream pleasantly cool for many hours. For non-commercial use, this can make sense at a garden party with many guests, for example. Otherwise, smaller quantities of the frozen delicacy are more likely to be needed for private use.

A simple, small ice-cream maker without an additional compressor is therefore quite sufficient in most cases. Such an ice cream machine also offers various advantages. For example, it is much cheaper to buy than the more professional ice cream machines, which are often unpleasantly noisy. The power consumption is also only a fraction of that of a compressor ice cream machine, which minimises running costs and also protects the environment. The main reason for this is the passive cooling of these machines.

Most ice cream machines only have an insulating, double-walled container, which only ensures that the pre-cooled ingredients remain cold long enough. Some models are equipped with removable cooling packs that need to be placed in the freezer for several hours before ice cream makers can be used. The lighter weight and compact dimensions also make a small ice cream maker much more practical in the home, compared to those with a compressor on board. With a compressor, an ice cream maker works without pre-cooling.

What you should always pay attention to is the size of the cooling container. Depending on your needs, you will find ice cream machines that include different capacities, for example 'Klarstein Bacio' (0.8 litres), 'Klarstein Creamberry' (1.5 litres) and 'Klarstein Vanilla Skymachine' (2 litres). Before buying, you should therefore make sure that the maximum volume of the ice cream machine is sufficient for your own needs.

How does an Ice Cream Machine work?

The secret of delicious, creamy ice cream is first and foremost the constant stirring of the ice cream. What would be practically impossible to do by hand, ice cream machines simply do automatically. The purpose behind this is not only the mixing of the ingredients, but much more the consistency that can only be achieved in this way. Without constant stirring, all that would remain would be a tough lump of frozen ice cream that you would literally cut your teeth on. Ice cream machines are made to avoid just that.

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What are the advantages of an ice cream maker?

If you like to enjoy good ice cream on a regular basis and possibly even want to create your own flavours, there is practically no way around buying your own ice cream maker. Once you get the hang of it and start enjoying your homemade ice cream, you will quickly appreciate the benefits. Very few industrially produced products can convince with the right mixture of ingredients or their high quality.

But if you can decide for yourself, you can simply mix the most exquisite variations at home with inexpensive ice cream machines and always have control over what ends up in your ice cream. This is not only interesting for connoisseurs but can also save the summer for allergy sufferers in particular. Intolerable ingredients can be easily excluded or replaced with alternative treats. Of course, this also applies to vegans, for whom it is practically impossible to find adequate ice cream in everyday ice cream parlour life.

Those who eat ice cream often and a lot will even have refinanced their ice cream maker sooner or later. In view of the constantly rising prices for a scoop in the ice cream parlour, the savings potential is quickly noticeable and even compared to higher-quality varieties from the supermarket, homemade ice cream is usually cheaper - with a much better quality.

Create your own favourite flavour with the ice cream maker

When making your own varieties, there are practically no limits to your creativity. Every imaginable type of fruit, berries, nuts, chocolate and even unusual spices and other ingredients can be used in ice cream machines to make delicious cream. For the first steps, however, some guidelines for the correct ratio of the basic ingredients are helpful.

With a little experience, the recipes can then be adapted to your own preferences. Delicious recipes for the most diverse variations can be found in abundance on the internet. The basic ingredients are usually cream, milk and egg yolk. Depending on whether you prefer cream ice cream, ice cream with cream, milk ice cream, sorbet or another variety, you can adapt your list of ingredients for ice cream machines accordingly.

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