Weight bars

Buy a weight bar - power lifting made easy

Weight bars are the centre of weight training and the essence of power lifting. Snatches, thrusts and repositions, deadlifts, farmer's walks or barbell rowing - intensive strength training simply requires barbells and corresponding weights.

Our store doesn't just offer Olympic weight bars, but also curl dumbbells in the shape of a dinette, smaller weight bars for convenient use at home, special dumbbell bars for special weight bar exercises and all this with the modular reliability of weight bar systems.

Weight bars and their importance in power lifting - intensive strength training for advanced users and beginners alike

The same rules apply to barbells as to other free weights: unlike machine training, there is no prescribed weight path through the machine. This makes the training more strenuous, more intense and, above all, involves many more muscle groups in each exercise. Whether on the bench or free-standing during a squat - a weight bar requires not only strength but also coordination.

There is a reason why barbell exercises are classics and the supreme discipline of weight training. Exercises include bench press, deadlift, snatch and clean and jerk, but also functional training exercises such as jumping jacks with barbells. Whether with heavy weight plates or without any weight at all, weight bar training is always a challenge, because the weight does not have a central centre of gravity, but two centres of gravity that have to be adjusted laterally. For the Olympic weight bar with a (standardised) dead weight of 20 kilograms, this also applies without weight plates.

This is particularly relevant for exercises such as bench presses, shoulder presses, squats and deadlifts, as the weight balance that the body has to provide ensures a particularly comprehensive utilisation of the muscles. Correct implementation, which is of course a prerequisite, always strengthens coordinative muscle groups, legs and core.

A modular system for a complete workout

Our store offers a wide range of weight bars that complement every training programme individually and ergonomically. With standardised attachment sizes (50 mm for Olympic barbells and the smaller 30 mm threads to fit barbells and dumbbells), the weight bars are perfect for matching weight plates. At their peak, Olympic weight bars easily support several hundred kilograms.

Special dumbbell shapes or a weight bar set are also available in our shop. The specialised shapes provide a better grip for curls or deadlifts. Our store offers the perfect weight bar for every conceivable exercise. There is no compromise on weight, shape, workmanship or quality.

Even though professional weight training has long been the domain of gyms, our range makes it easy to train with weight bars and weights at home as well. Especially the smaller, lighter bars are also suitable for beginners and children and offer professional conditions in the home gym.

More strength and more power - buy weight bars and train professionally

Efficient strength training, dynamic power lifting and an athletic muscular physique need the right fitness equipment. And no piece of equipment is as synonymous with strength training as the weight bar. The variety of exercises that can be performed with weight bars allows for such a comprehensive workout, even without a bench, that the entire body can be trained efficiently and with plenty of variability.

With our selection of different weight bars, both professional gyms and beginners looking for the perfect piece of home workout equipment will find the optimal barbell for their needs.

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