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Dishwashers for convenient cleaning with a wide variety of product types

As soon as you want to buy a dishwasher, there are different product types to choose from, including a mini dishwasher for the table as well as built-in and free-standing appliances. The central purpose of a dishwasher is to clean your dishes in the most convenient way possible with easy operation and sufficient space. Before deciding on a model from our wide range, the individual household size is an important criterion.

Choice between table dishwashers and larger free-standing and built-in appliances

You will find special mini dishwashers for use on tables, worktops or similar surfaces. These tabletop devices are much smaller compared to the alternatives. These include special product variants that are equipped with a water tank and therefore do not require a fixed water supply.

If you want to buy a larger dishwasher, you have to decide primarily between free-standing models and built-in appliances. As a rule, you can set up free-standing dishwashers anywhere in the kitchen, as long as electricity and water are safely available in the chosen position. These free-standing product variants mostly have a full cladding and top panels.

Built-in dishwashers, on the other hand, are developed with standardised dimensions in order to enable you to integrate them into a fitted kitchen in a way that saves space as much as possible. Such a dishwasher is unobtrusive and looks like an integral part of a matching kitchen.

Convenient dishwashers with easy operation and enough space

Especially high-quality dishwashers clean dishes for you and let you influence the duration and energy consumption with a wide variety of programs. Flexible crockery drawers ensure that you can store drinking glasses, cups and plates in the household appliance before washing up to save space. In addition, large dishwashers have a basket or a special drawer for the cutlery. Some models offer you a flexible structure with height-adjustable containers.

Many product types use spray arms on the top and bottom to effectively distribute water throughout the dishwasher. You will discover models with an aqua stop, which is a safety mechanism that helps prevent water damage. Numerous devices also inform you whether you need to refill rinse aid or cleaning salt.

Household size and other purchase criteria for the dishwasher

Before you decide on a specific dishwasher, the size of the household is a key purchase criterion. If you have very little space in a kitchen, tabletop dishwashers may be the right choice. In a large household, on the other hand, devices with more space and large amounts of dishes remain indispensable. If a move is imminent, you can avoid space problems in your new home with free-standing models. In addition, the available washing programs should fit your schedule.


Which dishwashing programs are particularly important?

When adapting to different types of dishes or loads, you can benefit from a versatile selection of programs with water temperatures in the range between 45 and 70 degrees Celsius. Quick programs for exceptional situations with time pressure are also indispensable in many cases.

How can dishwashers make operation easier?

With a high-quality touch panel or similar features, dishwashers can make intuitive operation easier for you. An uncomplicated start time preselection and LED displays with informative indicators are just as helpful.

What is worth noting for low energy consumption with dishwashers?

You can recognise a dishwasher with below-average water and electricity consumption by the specified energy efficiency class. In addition, the energy consumption can be optimised with a suitable machine size for your individual usage pattern.

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