Barbecue Utensils

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Barbecue Utensils

Barbecue utensils for varied grilling

Placing meat and sausages on the grid is the traditional form of grilling. With some products from the barbecue utensils category, you can ensure that your guests will be thrilled at the next grill party. With the right tools, you can not only prepare meat, but also fruit, vegetables and other foods on the grill. A good charcoal or gas grill is a prerequisite for making the best possible use of the accessories. Below, you can find out which accessories are available for the barbecue and what they are intended for.

What types of traditional barbecue accessories are there?

The utensils for preparing food with the grill can be differentiated according to the required work steps: preparation, grilling and serving. There is also the important aspect of safety. Protection from heat and fire hazard must be given priority. Even before you put a charcoal grill into operation, you should have a bucket of water or a hand-held fire extinguisher ready to hand. If you are using electricity or gas instead of coal, the energy source must not pose any danger either.

To prepare the food to be grilled, you need sufficiently large chopping boards, sharp knives and several bowls. If you intend to apply sauce or marinade, you will need a silicone brush. The minimum equipment for the actual grilling includes:

  • Grill grate
  • Barbecue tongs
  • Barbecue gloves
  • Grill lighter in the case of a charcoal grill

If you have invited guests, spices, sauces and salads play an important role. A serving or drinks trolley is particularly suitable for transporting and offering different drinks, including glasses. Serve the grilled food on plates large enough to accommodate bread and salads.

Barbecue utensils for special preparations

A grill plate and a fish basket complement the grate very well. Fish baskets made of flexible wire mesh are available in different sizes. They allow you to easily turn the fish being grilled. You can now get a grill plate or plancha as a standard accessory for many grill models. Usually made of cast iron or steel, the plancha has a raised edge. It is suitable for preparing small items to be grilled as well as egg dishes. A Dutch oven is a casserole dish or saucepan that you use directly over an open fire.

A grill thermometer allows precise meat cooking. Barbecue skewers are intended for putting together various vegetable and meat skewers. If you like smoked foods, consider smoking chips in a smoker box or a grill plank. Place the wooden board with the food to be grilled on the grill grate so that the smoke aroma comes into its own.

Buying the necessary barbecue utensils

The accessories that complement the minimum equipment mentioned above depend on the selected grill model on the one hand, and on the other hand, on the desired variety of grilled food. If you are also planning to buy a grill, choose a model that comes with a wide range of accessories. If you are supplementing an existing device, the accessories must match in terms of dimensions and operating mode.


Is a grill lid a useful accessory?

A grill lid is a good decision to be able to grill protected and indirectly.

Do smoking chips need to be soaked before use?

It makes sense. Soak the smoking chips first so that they give off smoke aroma for a longer period of time.

Is a steel or cast-iron plancha better?

The classic plancha is made of cast iron. However, products made of steel or stainless steel store the heat very well and are easier to care for.
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