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Bluetooth Radios

Unlimited listening pleasure with Bluetooth radios

Bluetooth is a short-range digital radio standard. This allows content from the internet to be played directly from a smartphone to a Bluetooth device. Bluetooth devices are available as headphones, radios, stereo systems or portable boomboxes. Instead of using bulky media such as CDs, cassettes or records, you can simply retrieve the content with your mobile phone and play it with the Bluetooth device.

Buy a Bluetooth radio from a large selection

A radio with Bluetooth technology also has an innovative feature in most cases. Instead of old terrestrial reception, a DAB or digital radio works via a signal from the internet. This gives you a much larger selection of stations, and you can always enjoy them without noise and crackling.

Kitchen radio with Bluetooth

Our kitchen radios are small and compact but still have excellent sound quality. On request, some models are designed so that they can be mounted under a wall cupboard. Therefore, they do not take up valuable space in small kitchens and are particularly discreet. In addition, kitchen radios are encapsulated against the ingress of moisture. Cooking liquid or steam cannot harm the sensitive electronics. The surfaces are easy to clean and even tolerate a splash of detergent.

Stereo system with Bluetooth

The stereo system is the heart of media consumption in the living room. It can be linked to the television so that excellent sound quality is available with every film. With Bluetooth coupling, you can also enjoy YouTube videos with picture and sound. The Bluetooth stereo system technology is also equipped with a digital radio. This opens up the wide world of international digital radio stations that have the right program for every taste.

Boombox with Bluetooth

The boombox is the modern version of the old transistor radio or ghetto blaster. The boombox is available as a small, handy device up to stately sizes with built-in transport wheels. Small boomboxes are the ideal companions for a picnic or the beach. A large boombox turns any basement or car park into a party zone. A boombox always has an integrated battery that is charged via a USB stick. This gives you unlimited music and media enjoyment anytime, anywhere.

Which Bluetooth radio should I buy?

The Bluetooth radio is the music system of today. The simple operation and the unlimited selection of music, audio books and other audio media give you maximum freedom in your selection. In addition, there is digital radio reception, which offers a selection from thousands of stations. The kitchen radio with Bluetooth is ideal for the kitchen, bathroom or balcony. It is particularly compact, easy to clean and protected against the ingress of moisture. The stereo system with Bluetooth offers unlimited music enjoyment in the living room. The Bluetooth boombox opens up the whole world of digital audio media on the go.


What is the range of Bluetooth?

The range of the Bluetooth signals is limited to a few metres.

Do I always need internet access for Bluetooth?

If media is loaded onto the integrated memory of the smartphone, it can also be played directly via a Bluetooth radio. Internet access is therefore not required.

Are the Bluetooth rays dangerous?

Bluetooth does not transmit with rays, but with radio waves. These are completely harmless. This has been scientifically proven.
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