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Sport is essential to keep your body in good health. Exercises with the kettlebell are particularly effective. The kettlebell is an exercise barbell that can be used at home and not only in the gym. Kettlebell training makes you stronger, more stable, faster and can protect you from health conditions such as back pain. In the following, we will explain how efficiently this can be done, indicate what are good exercises for beginners and advanced users and outline the benefits.

Kettlebells - perfect for a full-body workout

Many people who aim to get fitter use the kettlebell for their workout, which is always functional. With the kettlebell, flattened at the bottom and equipped with a handle, the entire body is trained in terms of strength, endurance, coordination, agility, speed and body control. The weights also promote muscle development and stability in the back and hip area.

In addition, the cardiovascular system can be improved and the calorie consumption is high. You will work on all muscle groups. Kettlebells are therefore an essential addition to any gym. They are versatile and can be purchased individually or as a kettlebell set. The handle bar is particularly suitable for fast and numerous exercise repetitions. The workout offers a variety of different exercises such as:

  • Deadlift
  • Swing
  • Tear
  • Thrust
  • Repositioning

The training variety is almost unlimited. The great advantage of the weights is that hardly any other accessories are required and the workout can be done in the comfort of your own home.

Buy a kettlebell - a variety of weights available

The kettlebell is available in different weight categories, for example 8, 12 or 24 kilograms, so that one's own needs can be taken into account. A kettlebell set includes different weight categories from 8 to 32 kilograms. The weights can also be taken along when travelling so that you can train at any time.

With the lighter 12 or 16 kilogram kettlebells, beginners can start by learning the right technique. They are also suitable for a warm-up. Athletic women should start with 8 kilograms. With heavy kettlebells it is possible to train specific muscle groups. With an adjustable kettlebell, you are able to achieve a versatile and diversified workout.

The perfect kettlebell workout

Beginners need to familiarise themselves with the training weight and train the correct posture at the beginning. Well-suited kettlebell exercises include, for example, the deadlift, in which the weight is lifted with a straight back from the lower back muscles and hips only. Even supposedly simple exercises get the cardiovascular system going and stimulate fat burning. The swing is a typical exercise that trains the body holistically:

  • Place your feet shoulder-width apart
  • Place the kettlebell centrally behind you
  • Squat slightly
  • with straightened back stretch your buttocks backwards
  • reach through your legs with both hands for the kettlebell
  • Swing the kettlebell with body tension for as long as possible, taking momentum not from the arms but from the hips

Advanced users can also try one-arm swings


Training with kettlebells is much more than just a strength workout. It also challenges fitness, coordination, agility, quickness, flexibility and much more. Kettlebell exercises are also the perfect fitness training for the cardiovascular system. With different weights, the training is suitable for beginners and professionals alike. if the kettlebell is adjustable, there is even more variety in the exercises.

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