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Power Bag

The demands on fitness devices are high. Ideally, they should allow for many exercises, both indoors and outdoors. They should also be affordable. The power bag meets all of these requirements. This makes your training functional. Coordination skills are also improved. The loose filling material and the constantly changing centres of mass offer a number of advantages.

Power Bag Strength Training - Effective Strength Endurance Workout

The power bag brings a lot of variety to your training, and helps to increase strength and endurance. This allows you to train wherever and whenever you want. Tear-resistant handles with foam coating enable a wide variety of exercises, for example:

  • Tear
  • Swing
  • Thrust

Fitness exercises, such as lunges or squats, can also be intensified with it. Ultimately, there is hardly an exercise in which the bag cannot be used. A simple bag becomes a versatile training device for a perfect full-body workout.

Power Bag 10 kg

As the weight suggests, the power bag 10 kg is filled with a mixture weighing 10 kg: It consists of sand and floss silk. The foam padding keeps it in shape and cushions the impact.

Power Bag 20 kg

The power bag 20 kg also consists of sand and floss silk, but the mixture weighs 20 kg. This way, you can adjust the weight to suit your training needs and fitness level. It is also possible to fill the power bags individually with water. Due to the many possible variations, they can be incorporated into any training plan, regardless of whether you are a beginner or a fitness professional. A 10 kg power bag is suitable for beginners and a 20 kg power bag for professionals. With the range between the weight classes, everyone will find the right load level.

Advantages of Training with a Power Bag

While conventional weights such as dumbbells or barbells are rigid, the power bag impresses with its flexibility thanks to the loose filling material. As the filling moves, the body is constantly being asked to balance and compensate for the movements of the sand. This is how the muscles are trained. The workout is very dynamic with power bags. The trunk muscles in particular can be strengthened better with this than with weights. Finally, all muscles can be addressed. Even the fingers and forearms also benefit from regular training. In contrast with a workout with dumbbells, the handles and loops enable particularly effective and creative movements. Fat burning is also effectively stimulated. The risk of injury is relatively lower due to the flexible filling materials.

Buying a Power Bag

Whether at home, in the garden or in the park, the power bag offers varied, effective and location-independent training to increase strength and endurance. Various exercises are possible with it, such as tears, swings, thrusts and lifts. The handles that the bags are equipped with ensure a perfect grip, and allow you to diversify the training. The sack filled with sand is available in different weight classes. This allows you to customise the workout as you wish. Other power bags are filled with a liquid, such as water, in order to be able to adjust different loads. The versatile movements allow you to train your body balance, muscles and, above all, core stability.

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