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Garden suite & garden furniture set: Take a seat & enjoy life

Summer, sun, joie de vivre outdoors! If you want to enjoy summer in style and comfort, there are an attractive selection of high-quality garden furniture sets available here. If you often have visitors, want to be a perfect host or simply want to put your feet up after work, you will find very convenient options in this category. The advantage of a garden furniture set is that everything is delivered directly to your home from single design and at an attractive package price. All you have to do is set up your new garden set to start enjoying the outdoor season.

Garden furniture set: Discover different versions

Here you can quickly find a modern set of garden furniture for every taste, every terrace or balcony size and every budget. You will find complete sets including a table and stools, with comfortable upholstery providing noticeable added value. Lounge sets with a pavilion offer an all-round successful solution for comfort with sun and light protection. A rattan lounge sofa can be pulled out if desired, turning a bench into a comfortable place to lie down.

For a small balcony you will find foldable sets. As a supplement to a set, you will find benches and sun loungers here to ensure a relaxing break in every respect in your outdoor area. If you like things very simple and rustic, you can make a price-conscious choice with a beer tent set. For families with children, a picnic table is a wonderful addition to a set: There is space for many little visitors on birthdays!

Buy a garden furniture set and enjoy the summer in a variety of ways

Want a modern interpretation of a garden furniture set? Here, you will find exclusive quality with a high-grade rattan look that is impressive. If you want your garden furniture set to be weatherproof, you should pay attention to the relevant information in the product description. The steel frame of such a set is powder-coated and fully galvanised so that rust doesn't stand a chance. Polyrattan coverings have proven to be very robust and UV-resistant. Covers are water-repellent and can be cleaned if necessary, so that a new set can still look good as new, even after a long period of use.

Some of the sets available here for outdoor use score with flexible functionality: Stools can be turned into storage space in just a few simple steps, which enables needs-based use. Above all, lounge sofas present themselves as true quick-change artists, as they can be very flexibly used and converted. Many of the sets can be ordered in several colours, so that the product image on view only gives a first impression! Check out all the options for your favourite garden furniture and let the different shades work their magic on you.

Buying advice in conclusion: Which garden furniture is right for me?

First and foremost, the garden set should meet your taste and match the rest of the furnishing style, although you can also set other, Mediterranean-inspired accents outdoors. Apart from the design and weather-resistant materials, you should measure exactly what size furniture you can fit and how big a new garden set can be. With a corner set, you can rely on a space miracle on which several people can sit comfortably. Pay attention to a comfortable seat height for you and also to pleasant padding, which experience has shown is important for many. In this respect, it is good news that thick seat cushions or pads are already included in the sets.

Answers to the most important questions about garden furniture sets

Which garden furniture lasts the longest?

Garden furniture with a coated and galvanised metal frame has proven to be very durable and weather-resistant, which also applies to a mesh made of poly rattan. You can also enjoy wood for a long time if it is properly waterproofed and regularly cared for.

Which garden furniture set should I buy?

Here you will find an attractive and versatile selection of modern garden furniture. The information on buying advice shows you what you should pay particular attention to.

What is the difference between poly rattan and rattan?

Both materials look very similar, but differ fundamentally in terms of weather resistance. While natural rattan is very sensitive to moisture, synthetic poly rattan is very weather resistant and durable. In combination with a coated metal frame, such garden furniture can also remain outside in winter if necessary.

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