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For a better quality of life: back trainers relieve pain and increase well-being

Back pain is one of the most common causes of inability to work. Almost every third adult suffers from back pain frequently or even constantly. One-sided physical strain at work and an overall rather sedentary lifestyle contribute to the development of back problems.

Regular visits to the gym can prevent back problems or alleviate existing pain. Do you lack the time and motivation for this? The back trainer at home allows you to train in a private atmosphere. You are independent in terms of time, and you can save yourself a trip to the gym.

Many different models: which back trainer to choose?

Which back trainer device is right for you? So-called multi-trainers enable physiological stretching on the inversion table, which is particularly helpful for back problems. In addition to inversion, you can use them to do effective body training to strengthen many muscle groups.

Pure inversion benches, on the other hand, only serve to relieve the spine and intervertebral discs and to stimulate blood circulation. Comfortably equipped inversion benches are also equipped with a back massage and heating function. Even if you only let yourself be turned upside down for a few minutes a day, the beneficial effect in the form of clearly noticeable pain relief will not be long in coming.

Not just for pain: back trainer fitness equipment

The intended use is decisive for the choice of the right fitness equipment. Should it only be used for back health, or are other functions desired? If the back trainer is foldable, it takes up very little space when not in use. Some devices allow a generously adjustable inversion angle and thus take individual preferences into account. If your height does not deviate significantly from the average, almost any training device is suitable for you. People of short stature or particularly tall people need fitness equipment with correspondingly generous adjustment options.

What should be considered? Buying a back trainer made easy

Are you striving for effective training of many muscle groups in addition to making your back feel good? Then a multi-trainer is the right choice. If, on the other hand, the focus is only on back training, you should use an inversion table, as it is specially designed for this purpose. Do you especially value comfort? Inversion benches with integrated back massage and heating function will meet your needs. Here, you should make sure that these functions can be operated comfortably with one hand in any position. Your body size must neither fall below nor exceed the limits set for the respective training device. Particularly sturdily built devices do not give up even with a body weight of up to 150 kilograms. Foldable fitness equipment takes up little space when not in use and can be easily stowed away even in cramped living conditions.


Can the training equipment be used universally?

Pure back trainers only serve the well-being of the back. Multi-trainers, on the other hand, offer additional functions for the effective training of many muscle groups.

Is the fitness equipment easy and safe to use?

Back trainers go through extensive safety tests before they go on sale. They can be operated by the trainee completely alone and have a swing-back mechanism.

Is the fitness equipment easy to set up?

Richly illustrated assembly instructions make assembly easier. Even people with only moderate manual skills can complete this task in around 30 minutes. The required assembly tool is included in the scope of delivery.

Do I need a power connection for my fitness equipment?

If the device has a massage and heating function, a mains connection is required. The other devices work purely mechanically.

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