Medicine balls

Functional fitness with a medicine ball

The medicine ball is not only a classic from physical education classes, it has also experienced a real revival in recent years. This is mainly due to the wide range of possible uses that medicine balls provide in functional training. Robust, dynamic and flexible - this is how the modern medicine ball inspires during training and is the perfect addition to a barbell or kettlebell.

Medicine ball from 2 kg to 25 kg - the perfect weight for every exercise

The medicine ball which is used in school lessons is no longer the dominant form. If you want to buy a medicine ball today, you get a ball the size of a basketball or volleyball. Modern medicine balls are not only much denser, they are also much better suited for functional training.

Medicine ball exercises include dynamic exercises such as slams and tosses that demand a lot from the ground and walls. But medicine balls can also be used as a classic supplementary weight. The round shape of the ball makes medicine ball training not only a challenge for strength, but also for coordination. Thanks to a medicine ball, functional training becomes intensive work for the biceps and balance in equal measure.

Planks or push-ups on the ball (which can be performed regardless of the weight) or rotation exercises are intensive and demand everything from even ambitious athletes.

Buying the right medicine ball at Hifi-Tower

A medicine ball made of leather (or imitation leather) is by no means the only variant of the popular training device. Whether made of PVC or fully rubberised with a weighted core, our selection of medicine balls at Hifi-Tower offers the right ball for every trainee. Medicine balls made of plastic offer the advantage that their shock absorption and recoil make them ideal for medicine ball exercises that require a slightly bouncing ball.

Studios or athletes with bigger goals will also find a whole medicine ball set in our shop. The large selection of weights allows ideal training for every body type and for every exercise. Because medicine balls are such versatile and dynamic training weights, it is important to always work with the right weight.

From physiotherapy to strength training

Medicine balls have become indispensable in the functional fitness sector and are an enrichment for every fitness studio or for a compact home workout. Due to their composition, shape and material properties, medicine balls allow exercises that would be unthinkable with classic weights.

This is precisely why the balls are so popular in physiotherapy or are used as training weights in sports such as football. Because the body has to do compensatory work with each repetition with the ball and cannot rely on a fixed sequence of movements (as is the case with device training, for example), the coordinative muscles also have to work.

This makes medicine ball training ideal for rehabilitation and injury prevention, but it can also help correct muscular imbalances and create more athletic muscle tone overall. These advantages are just as noticeable when training with classic dumbbells as they are on the football field, under the basketball hoop or on the climbing wall. With a medicine ball, sports enthusiasts not only find a weight, but a way to train more dynamically, more intensively and better.

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