Bodyweight training

Building big muscles doesn't necessarily require expensive equipment, weight training, or frequent visits to the gym. Muscle and functional strength can be built with the right exercises that mimic the real range of motion of different muscle groups in the body. Many of these exercises can be performed with little more than your own body weight and perhaps a resistance band or dumbbells. As long as you do the bodyweight exercises correctly, you can get a tough workout in no time.

Different types of bodyweight training

When training with your own weight, numerous compound exercises are used. In this way, several muscle groups can be trained at the same time, while isolation exercises are mainly carried out in classic strength training with weights.

Typical exercises for training with your own weight are:

  • Planks: Excellent exercises for improving body tone and strengthen abdominal muscles.
  • Squads: Squats tighten thighs and butt.
  • Dips: Ideally, the dips are performed with a chair or something similar to create elevation. They work the triceps and lower chest.
  • Sit-Ups: For tight abdominal muscles, sit-ups should not be missing from any bodyweight workout.
  • Push-ups: Push-ups primarily work the chest, back and triceps.

What is bodyweight training used for?

Bodyweight training is used to train easily, anywhere and anytime. Especially when travelling, it offers a nice way of not having to interrupt your usual workout routine.

Purchase advice for the bodyweight workout

If you want to get the most out of training with your own weight, you can use various aids. This includes:

  • Push-up grips: The special grips for performing push-ups cleanly are easy on the wrists. The handles also make it more comfortable to do different push-up variations.

  • Comp rings gymnastic rings: The gymnastic ring set is ideal for pull-ups, dips or muscle ups. This supports effective upper body training and strengthens the core muscles. The instability of the rings challenges the muscles more than a static environment.

  • Monstervest weight vest: The 30 kg weight vest supports strength and endurance training. You are weighed down with thirty metal weights that can be removed individually. In this way, more strength can be gradually built up over time by regularly increasing the weight of the vest. The vest can be individually adjusted to different body shapes.

  • Push-up stand dip stand: With the multifunctional stand, several exercises can be performed at the same time. It is suitable for push-ups, dips, push-ups, leg lifts and related exercises. A sling trainer is also integrated, which makes the device a must-have for bodyweight workouts.

Bodyweight Training FAQs

What is bodyweight training?

The term refers to training with your own body weight. Instead of dumbbells or machines, you use your own body weight.

What do you need for bodyweight training?

Not much! You need sportswear and possibly a mat. Resistance bands or dumbbells can be used for some exercises to make them more intense.

What are the benefits of bodyweight training?

Training can be done anytime, anywhere. There are no costs for a studio or equipment. The training strengthens the deep muscles and improves body tension and posture.

Is bodyweight training effective?

Bodyweight training burns just as many calories as long-distance running. In addition, muscle building is stimulated by the training. More muscle means more calories burned at rest.
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