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Buy Pizza Ovens & Pasta Machines online at a great price

One of the favourite dishes of many citizens, pizzas and pasta are often on the menu. If you want to do it yourself, you can use both a pizza oven and a pasta machine. This way, it is possible to continuously keep an eye on the quality and the respective variant in the kitchen at home.

Different types of pizza ovens and pasta machines

Traditionally, the pizza oven is fired with wood to create a smoky aroma in the wood-fired pizza. That's why you can buy a pizza oven for the garden and for the patio. The differences between the various models include features, size and design. Additional castors are very practical for moving and adjusting the pizza oven in the garden. There is also a choice of electrically operated pizza ovens for the kitchen if there is no separate outdoor area in the home. The pasta machines are also available in different variants, which can be adapted to the available space in the kitchen and to personal preferences.

Pizza oven and pasta machine: applications and features

A pizza oven can be used in a variety of ways, not only to add a unique flavour to pizzas. You can also use it to prepare bread, vegetables, meat and cakes, which get a very special aroma from the real fire. The large pizza stone ensures a crispy base for all dishes. Since these models are fired with wood, charcoal, gas or pellets, no electricity connection is required.

Alternatively, you can buy an innovative pizza oven that features an electronic heating system and is connected to the electricity grid. In general, the housing made of high-quality and stainless steel ensures easy-care properties to simplify cleaning. As a result of good heat insulation, the ovens generate extremely hot temperatures, which are necessary for the correct preparation of pizzas. There are also different types of pasta machines to choose from.

The classic models are available with a hand crank and a table clamp. These are very heavy and robust models made of stainless steel, which convince with comprehensive safety in use and standing. In addition, you can clean the built-in materials quickly and easily. Furthermore, there are modern pasta machines with a powerful electric motor and an LED display for easy operation. This makes it even easier to produce the different types of pasta.

Buying the perfect pizza oven

There are various models of pizza ovens to choose from, which you can adapt to the desired use and the available space. If you enjoy the typical wood-fired pizza with its smoky aroma and have an outdoor area available, a pizza oven for the garden or patio is your ideal choice. Different sizes and methods of firing are available.

Pizza Ovens & Pasta Machines FAQs

Are there alternatives to wood-fired pizza ovens?

If you find running your oven on wood or charcoal is a little labour and time intensive, there are pizza ovens available to buy that are gas or pellet fired.

What is the easiest way to move the pizza oven?

The convenient castors make it easy to move the oven without much effort and to relocate it to the desired location.

Which pasta machines impress with their fast processing?

Electric models eliminate the manual and time-consuming task of the user, making pasta much faster and easier to prepare.
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