Irons & Sewing Machines


Ironed clothes just feel better. They are smooth and comfortable on the body. Besides, they looks better. A suitable iron is indispensable for this. We not only offer a corresponding selection, but in the following, we would like to help you decide on the right offer.

Different types of irons

  • Steam iron: This is the classic among the corresponding devices. It evaporates the filled water over a heating plate. The steam escapes through the holes in the "sole" (the layer on the underside). The steam is thus introduced into the textile and loosens folds and creases. These can now be ironed out.
  • Dry irons: These work exclusively with pressure and heat - and are therefore considered to be very uncomplicated to use. However, if the laundry has to be moistened, this device cannot do it. An additional work step arises.
  • Travel iron: This is a subtype of the dry iron. These are small and light devices that are used to smooth small amounts of laundry on the go.
  • Light iron: The device works with steam, but weighs very little. This prevents the rapid onset of fatigue.
  • Automatic drying and ironing devices: These variants work from "inside". Clothing is put on the balloon bodies of the device. These can not only heat up, but also expand. Moisture, kinks and folds are removed in equal measure.

Features and areas of application: What is an iron used for?

As already mentioned: Certain ironing devices are equipped with additional functions. They also work as dryers, for example. The different types are also commonly available with or without a cable. The field of application of these devices is not only limited to the smoothing of clothing, but can also be used for other textiles. Bed linen and tablecloths are examples. Some models are also equipped with special functions to treat silk, wool and other delicate fabrics with particular care - and thus protect them.

What you should pay particular attention to when buying

If you want to buy an iron, you should choose a model that best suits your personal needs. As an example: Steam irons are almost always the right decision for private use. However, if you have a lot of shirts and blouses that you need to be smooth and dry quickly after washing, an automatic variant may be more suitable. Also, make sure you have the right accessories, such as the right ironing board, which must be big enough for the textiles you want to iron.


How can I clean an ironing device?

Cleaning is very easy: A cloth soaked in soapy water usually reliably removes all dirt. In addition, you may have to descale the device. The method for this, however, depends on the exact model that you are using.

Which is better: a ceramic or stainless steel model?

Ceramic heats up faster, glides better, is easy to care for and has excellent non-stick properties. The material is short-lived and prone to scratches. Over time, the ironing experience gets worse and worse. Stainless steel isn't quite as comfortable to start with, but still allows for comfortable ironing. It is significantly more durable than ceramic, but can heat up so much that it can become a problem for certain fabrics.

Why shouldn't I use distilled water in a steam iron?

For a long time, distilled water was considered the right choice for the corresponding devices. After all, it does not contain any salts, magnesium or lime - unlike tap water. In fact, the opposite is true: Distilled water wants to "replace" the missing minerals and therefore attacks metals. It is therefore more harmful than tap water.
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