Workout- & Yoga Mats

Yoga mats: equipment for your physical and mental health

Yoga has firmly established itself in the Western world and is now practiced in different ways by millions of people in Europe. Postures and stretch exercises are as much a part of yoga as deep relaxation and meditation. In both cases, a yoga mat is the ideal surface for practicing consciously and safely in any environment. Electronik Star offers a wide range of yoga mats in many sizes and natural materials to improve your physical and mental health.

The right yoga mat for everyone

Yoga can basically be performed on any surface. However, many exercises require a firm base so that you can maintain different positions and stretches over time. This is not possible on slippery or rough ground where there is even an imminent risk of injury. Investing in yoga mats is a good idea if you practice regularly and want to keep the floor non-slip and safe.

The size of the yoga mat is also very important. Therefore the length of the mat should match your body size so that you can rest entirely on it during relaxation exercises. The material of the mat has more to do with your sitting habits and personal comfort. At Elektronik Star, you will find a wide range of yoga mats from cork to cotton and virgin wool to suit your preferences.

Note: many of our mats can, of course, also be used as simple sports mats or for massages. From regular gymnastics training to a soft surface for sitting on the floor, our mats made of soft and firm materials are the ideal purchase for a wide range of applications.

Different variants and models at a glance

When you buy a yoga mat in our shop, you will quickly discover the diversity of models and features. Here we show you the most important variants of our yoga mats to make your purchase decision easier. More detailed information on individual mats can be found in their respective articles.

  • Natural rubber yoga mats
  • Cotton yoga mats
  • Lambskin yoga mats
  • New wool yoga mats
  • Cork yoga mats

Explore the diversity of materials!

Natural rubber yoga mats

This yoga mat made of natural rubber offers you a smooth surface similar to rubber. Mats of this type are particularly robust and easy to clean. These popular sports mats provide excellent cushioning and level out many uneven areas of the floor. This is a genuine natural product, which is characterized by its slip resistance and high durability of the material.

Cotton yoga mats

Cotton yoga mats are the classic among textile mats. They are characterized by a particularly pleasant feeling on the skin, which is why they are often used as massage mats too. In yoga, cotton mats are characterized by their comfortable feel and high slip resistance. Beginners, in particular, prefer cotton mats as well as rubber ones when starting out on yoga because they enjoy the familiar feeling of their skin.

Lambskin yoga mats

Lambskin has been known for its warming effect since ancient times and is used for clothing in autumn and winter. A lambskin yoga mat takes up this concept. The mat is popular for unheated floors or when doing yoga in a cold environment, allowing you to enjoy a warm and comfortable base or a comfortable rest during the relaxation phase. Thanks to the pure natural material, it is a particularly long-lasting yoga mat.

New wool yoga mats

New wool yoga mats are similar in nature to lambskins, but not quite as warm and fluffy. Mats made of new wool are among the most popular types of yoga mats in the world. Compared to lambskin and other natural materials, they are lighter. The surface of new wool yoga mats is somewhat firmer and harder, which is especially appreciated by experienced yogis during their exercises.

Cork yoga mats

If you are looking for an entirely natural product with a firm character, cork yoga mats are the ideal choice. These mats are made from the tree of the same name and are characterized by their firmness. They also provides the desired stability during all exercises. Due to the robust nature of their material, cork mats are less suitable for traveling and are ideal for a regular training location either at home or in a yoga class.

Using yoga mats in different ways

What the material of the yoga mat you buy has to offer you also depends on the type and frequency of use. The following considerations will inspire you to find the ideal mat for your exercises:

Anti-slip yoga mats

A yoga mat should be anti-slip to ensure secure support during all your exercises. The importance of slip resistance depends on the surface on which you usually train. For very smooth floors, coarse natural materials such as virgin wool or lambskin are recommended; for non-slip floors, rubber is completely sufficient.

Foldable yoga mats

If you practice at home, you won't want to leave your yoga mat in the living room all day. A foldable yoga mat provides for quick picking up and putting away after the workout. Simply and quickly folded, the mat takes up little space when stored.

Travel yoga mats

If you don't want to miss out on yoga on your holiday, a travel yoga mat is an ideal solution. Compared to other mats, these are somewhat more compact in size. In addition, travel yoga mats are always foldable and can be easily and lightly stored in your luggage.

Yoga mats for children

Even the youngest ones will find it worth immersing themselves in the world of yoga. Child-friendly exercises provide enough exercise and help to relax students from school to sports and other activities. Our range includes special children's mats that are brightly designed and ideally suited for little yoga lovers, thanks to their compact formats.

Cleaning and proper care of yoga mat

Your yoga mats will come into contact with sweat during regular practice, dust and dirt may also be present depending on your training location. Proper cleaning and care are indispensable for maintaining your investment. Natural rubber mats can be cleaned with a damp cloth. For natural materials such as cotton or lambskin, frequent brushing is important. Depending on the material, hand or machine washing is possible; details can be found in their respective articles.

In order to protect your mat from sweat and other impurities, a yoga mat cover is a useful addition. Before your training you put this special protection on the mat, a good fixing is indispensable for your stability. After training, you can just clean the yoga mat cover in your washing machine while the yoga mat itself remains protected from dust, dirt, and body sweat.

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