Gas grill

Buying a gas grill

Steaks, sausages, fish and vegetables. Cooked on a gas grill, food is prepared in no time and has a unique taste. Gas grills have many other advantages. In the following guide, you will find out what distinguishes modern gas grills, which different models are available and what to look out for when buying one.

Small gas grill for the balcony or an outdoor kitchen

Manufacturers offer gas grills in many different designs and in different sizes. If you have little space on your balcony, smaller table grills that run on butane or propane gas are suitable. A gas grill, which is small, can also be an option for the balcony. These sleek grills come with two or three powerful burners. The shelves are usually fold-out. The substructure in the form of a cupboard is made of steel or stainless steel in high-quality models. Behind the revolving doors there is space for a larger gas bottle.

If you have a lot of space on the terrace or in the garden, you can use a combination grill with a smoker. These grills run on both gas and charcoal. An outdoor kitchen is even more exclusive for gas grills. With these fully-fledged kitchens for the garden, you can prepare everything and, of course, grill, roast and cook. If you like camping or only rarely grill on the balcony or in the garden, a modern camping gas grill is ideal. The small grill with one burner offers you maximum grilling pleasure despite its small size.

What are the advantages of gas grills over charcoal grills?

A gas grill offers many advantages over a charcoal grill. As soon as you have turned on the gas bottle, you can ignite the gas burners with piezo igniters using the rotary controls. The burners reach the desired temperature for roasting or grilling in just a few moments. The temperature is easy to set with the rotary controls. Since no charcoal is used for grilling, the gas grills are easy to clean and produce less smoke when preparing the grilled food. After grilling, the rotary control is turned down and there is no need to dispose of hot ashes. Unlike charcoal grills, gas grills are mostly allowed to be used on the balconies of apartment buildings. If you want to use the gas grill on the balcony, you should still observe the house rules. It is a myth that the food you grill tastes better on a charcoal grill than on models that run on gas.

Requirements the gas grill must meet

If you want to buy a gas grill, you should think about the space in advance. For a barbecue with two, three or four people, a small camping gas grill or a gas grill that is small and only has two or three burners is suitable. But if grilling is your passion, you should buy a gas grill that you can use to cook, grill, roast and maybe even smoke. Large combination grills or a comfortable outdoor kitchen are ideal for this.


How hot do gas grills get when in use?

The burners of the gas grills reach between 100 and 300 °C in no time at all.

How long does the content of a gas bottle last?

Consumption depends on the service life and the kW output of the gas burner. If the burners have an output of 12 watts, a 5 kg gas bottle will last around 5 hours and 30 minutes.

How many burners do gas grills need?

This depends on the size of the grill surface. Large combination grills are equipped with 4, 5 or 6 burners that can be individually controlled.

How are gas grills cleaned?

The grill unit of a gas grill and the grate are made of steel and stainless steel. A soft brush, water and a household cleanser are usually sufficient for cleaning.

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