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Fan heaters

In winter, heat gaps quickly develop in the house or flat. It is important to balance this out. Air heaters, such as a bathroom fan heater, are a good option. The device is also useful in other rooms. Here you can read how it works, what the advantages are and how the models differ.

Electric air heaters - the advantages

Electric air heaters are small devices that heat up rooms quickly and deliver the heat exactly where it is needed. In contrast to permanently installed heating, you can change the location as you wish and as needed, and transport the device flexibly to different rooms. The carrying handle makes it even easier to move. The products are worthwhile for many, whether those who want to avoid colds in the winter season, or maybe you freeze quickly? Then you can buy an air heater.

How does an air heater, also known as a fan heater, work?

The fan sucks in the cold air and heats it up with the help of the heating element. This is, for example, a coil or ceramic plate. The heated air is distributed in the room with a fan. The fan works very simply for you:

  • Set up the unit
  • Turn on the fan

Then the warm air is created. Mobile fans are the fastest way to heat up rooms. This applies to a wide variety of places, for example:

  • Air heaters for the bathroom or guest toilet
  • Hobby room
  • Cellar
  • Garage
  • Garden shed
  • Fans in building shells

There are also special devices for greenhouses and winter gardens. You can adjust the heat as you wish. With the Hightower Heat Deluxe column heater, for example, a temperature setting of 5 to 35 degrees is possible. Modern devices consume little energy. A remote control offers a lot of convenience.

Buying an air heater - different types and features

There are standing and wall units. Mobile fans are offered in different power levels and different sizes. The former depends on the room:

  • 500 watts: smaller rooms
  • 1,000 watts: rooms up to 15 square metres in size
  • 1,500 watts: 20 square metres

Some devices have a built-in thermostat that allows regulated operating phases. You can not only set your desired temperature, but also maintain it. When it is reached, the fan turns off. A swivel function, as with the Chaval radiant heater, ensures that the heat is evenly distributed. There are many other features that vary by fan. Create a lot of comfort, for example:

  • Gradual temperature settings according to your wishes
  • Various heating settings and selectable fan speeds
  • Timer
  • Settings via touch panel or remote control
  • Space-saving construction, for example thanks to the tower design
  • Safety through child safety, overheating protection and toggle protection switch

Choose the right fan heater that best suits your needs.


What is an electric fan heater?

The fans are practical heating devices. They use an interior fan to circulate warm air and bring it into the room. The devices have various safety mechanisms, such as overheating or tilting protection.

What are the advantages of the fans?

An electric air heater warms up rooms quickly. Thanks to its mobility, it can also be flexibly transported to different rooms. The fans are compact and portable. A remote control and other features, such as a timer, provide more convenience.

Which rooms are electric air heaters suitable for?

Fans in the bathroom are particularly popular to warm up the room quickly before use. They are also very useful in other rooms and other places, such as workshops and garages. In addition to standing devices, there are also fans for wall mounting.
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