Side Awnings

Side awnings

Whether on the balcony, in the garden or on the terrace, with a side awning you can protect yourself from the looks of neighbours and passers-by as well as from wind and UV rays, and thus feel completely comfortable. These are awnings with a wide fabric panel and retraction mechanism. They are also called side blinds. Read here how practical they are, which versions are available and how easy and comfortable it is to use.

Side awning - advantages and how it works

Privacy and protection from wind, sun and glare is essential. It is the ideal solution in various weather conditions and also provides privacy. A modern side awning, which is offered as an extension, also enhances the outdoor area. The awning fabric is hidden in a weather protection cassette. The roll-out fabric provides triple protection in no time at all. Thanks to the bearing on the spring shaft, the awning fabric is always taut and disappears due to the mechanical self-retraction. Therefore you do not have to laboriously crank it. With little effort, the awning can be put back in the cassette and protected from the weather when not in use.

Extendable side awning - different types

The awnings are available made to measure. You can customise them to suit your home. The side awning is pulled out to your desired length and the opposite side is hooked into a bracket. The extendable length is three metres, for example. With the Bari Doppio double-sided awning, the length is already six metres. The advantage here is that you can install the double fabric not only in a straight line, but also at any angle you like, so you can shield your seat from two sides. The heights also vary, for example 160, 180 or 200 centimetres.

The top features of the side wall awning at a glance

  • Robust awning for privacy and sun and wind protection
  • More privacy
  • Self-tensioning awning fabric due to bearing on a spring shaft
  • High-quality full cassette made of aluminium protects the fabric when not in use
  • Includes fastening material

Installing the awning is easy. Everything you need is included in the scope of delivery, such as the main sleeve, the end brackets and the fastening material. With the Bari stand post, the awning can be set up flexibly and no wall mounting is necessary. This gives you a high level of flexibility when setting up your awning.

Buying a side awning - which one is right for me?

Choose the right length for your awning, which you can get in the online shop from high-quality and weather-resistant materials and with high-quality workmanship. Three metres already offer ideal protection. Otherwise, you can also choose a double-sided awning, which you can also install around the corner to benefit from more flexible use. Thanks to the automatic roll-up mechanism, you can open it up quickly and easily with one hand and retract it again via a spring mechanism when not in use. When retracted, the awning is inconspicuous. The possibility of being able to retract and extend them as you wish is a great advantage over conventional privacy screens.


Why buy a side awning?

A side awning serves as sun, glare, wind and privacy protection. It consists of a sturdy cloth that is kept in the robust housing, widened when pulled out and fixed to the holder. The privacy screen is extendable. The awning is thus protected when it is retracted. Which model is suitable depends on the conditions in your garden or balcony.

How does the side wall awning work?

The side blind is a covered and extendable construction. The cloth is in the cassette with spring shaft. The awning is pulled out to the side and attached to the opposite bracket. The fabric is kept taut by the spring shaft. If the awning is not needed, you can simply retract it.

What are the advantages of the side awning?

The privacy screen is extendable and keeps the sun's rays and light gusts of wind out. You can choose between a single or double awning and also install the latter across the corner. The fastening material and the end brackets are also included in the scope of delivery.
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