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Buy high quality dumbbells

Fitness enthusiasts, hobby athletes and professional bodybuilders can now order high-quality Hexbell Black dumbbells at low prices online in the Capital Sports online shop. Also known as dumbbells, they are characterised by high quality workmanship and durability. Any damage is practically impossible when the dumbbells are used as intended. Other advantages of dumbbells include their unlimited suitability for indoor and outdoor use as well as very good safety features.

5 kg dumbbells to 30 kg dumbbells as a pair or dumbbell set

The range of Hexbell Black dumbbells includes pairs of 5 kg dumbbells, 10 kg dumbbells and heavy versions with a weight of 30 kg per dumbbell. A wide range of intermediate sizes are available. Ten pairs of dumbbells from 2 x 5 kg to 2 x 30 kg are also available in a convenient set.

The right weights for all dumbbell exercises

With the graduated weights, both beginners in the fitness sector and trained bodybuilders will find the right dumbbells at Capital Sports. From Flyings to Reverse Flys and Shrugs to Biceps and Triceps Curls, the active have the optimal dumbbells at hand.

The inside of the dumbbells consists of perfectly balanced iron cores. The even weight distribution in the dumbbells ensures trouble-free performance of all exercises in the home gym, outdoor area or professional fitness studio.

Floor protection owing to plastic coating

The iron cores of the high-quality dumbbells are surrounded by a continuous sheathing of hard rubber. This protects the floor from damage if the dumbbells are accidentally dropped. The coating itself is resistant to impact and will not be damaged if dropped. Even moisture does not affect the durability of the Hexbell Black Dumbbells. Outdoor training is therefore no problem at all.

Conical dumbbell handles with knurling

The handles of the dumbbells are slightly conical. This ensures a secure grip with good power transmission. This prevents cavities from forming during strength training and also prevents excessive stress in individual areas of the palms. The grip surface is equipped with knurling, which provides a very good grip. Even with sweaty hands, the dumbbells can always be held firmly and securely.

Hexagonal dumbbell heads for secure footing

The hexagonal dumbbell heads make the Hexbell Black dumbbells suitable for all exercises such as PushUp Walks where the dumbbells need to rest firmly and securely on the floor. In addition, the cut of the dumbbell heads prevents the dumbbells from rolling away on sloping floors.

Dumbbells with fixed dumbbell heads

The handle bar of the dumbbells is oxidised in black and thus perfectly matches the dumbbell heads. The bar and dumbbell heads are firmly connected to each other, so they are not adjustable dumbbells. That provides additional safety. There are no weight plates where the owner of the dumbbells could forget to secure them correctly. This reduces the risk of injury.

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