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For all things sport and fitness, don’t miss our deals

Welcome to HI-Fi Tower, the online shop that offers you a wide range of offers for sports and fitness items of the best brands, with an unbeatable value for your money.

If you already practice physical activity regularly, or if you have decided to adopt a healthier lifestyle and devote time to sport and fitness, you can find everything you need to get started in our product gallery.

Are you looking for equipment to build your home gym? Visit our sections dedicated to strength training, functional training and cardio training, where you can find power racks, barbells, clubbells, core bags and a wide range of essential accessories to make the most common training programmes. Even having the right accessories, from yoga mats to weightlifting belts, can make the difference, optimising time and guaranteeing you all the safety and comfort you need while exercising.

If you love spending time in nature, visit our outdoor section, with irresistible offers for inflatable stand up paddles. We get you also covered for tables, no matter if it’s table tennis, pool and foosball, besides dartboards and electric scooters. Last but not least, don’t forget to check out our sportswear section, where you can find bags, t-shirts and trousers and other items on offer. At Hi-Fi Tower we love sport and fitness. If you also do, check our offers and get inspired.

Strength training: increase your muscle mass for better sport performance

We live in a society where overweight and obesity rates are continually increasing, with all the health and economic problems that this entails both for those who suffer from such overweight or obesity and for society: the practice of sport and fitness activities seems essential to curb these rates, and therefore to improve the quality of life of the world's population.

Strength training is an excellent aid in fighting health problems such as diabetes, allowing to protect the musculoskeletal system from the effects that excess weight has on our joints. Furthermore, if we tend to talk about adolescence as a time of "growth", we could define our adulthood as a time of "preparation" for what is to come in the future, the third age, so the better our "preparation", the fewer negative consequences and health problems we will have to face tomorrow.

Among all the basic physical qualities - strength, endurance, flexibility, speed - strength is undoubtedly the most important, as it is the basis to improve all the others. If our muscles are stronger, they will be faster or more resistant, for example. It is therefore not unreasonable to say that strength training is indispensable if we want to enjoy good health in general.

Among the many benefits that strength training brings us are the help in maintaining a correct posture, improving and strengthen the cardiovascular system, preventing injuries stabilising the bones and is an excellent way to fight certain diseases or health problems such as diabetes and other diseases like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's.

Functional training: fitness for a healthier lifestyle

Technically speaking, functional training is a type of fitness activity that suits the lifestyle of each user. In other words, it seeks to increase the quality of life of those who practice it. You probably think that whatever sport you do will help improve your quality of life and you are right. However, traditional training was not geared towards carrying shopping bags better or picking up that paper that you drop on the floor. To explain it better, let's remember what a traditional bodybuilding routine looks like - the one that comes to mind when you think of a gym). Functional training changes all these paradigms and seeks to make the movements performed similar or identical to those performed naturally by any person in his or her daily life, as shown in the following table.

Traditional muscle hypertrophy training Functional training
Many muscles are trained while sitting on the classic bench All or almost all muscle groups are activated in each movement. In fact, the workout is not based on muscle groups, but on muscle chains.
Analytical movements are performed, that is, one muscle at a time The cardiovascular component and strength are present in all movements. In addition, inertias and accelerations are added to improve strength work
Cardiovascular and strength work are dissociated It works both on cardiovascular performance and strength
The most common materials are machines, dumbbells and bars Body weight is worked on and more dynamic materials such as bags, kettlebells, balls or TRX are used.
Every day a few muscle groups are worked (normally 2 or 3, depending on the days of training). All movements are worked on every day

Cardio training: more endurance means better sport performance

Cardio training exercises are those that increase our heart rate, increase our resistance capacity, and improve our physical condition. Cardio training provides endless benefits for our health, and we can do it in a variety of ways, whether it be walking, running, climbing stairs, or doing any type of physical activity for a long time at a moderate intensity. When we do cardio training, our organism supports adaptations due to the frequent practice of aerobic exercise, this accommodation and change in our body will be greater or lesser depending mainly on the frequency, the degree of intensity and the duration.

Intensity is a fundamental factor, since the greater the intensity of our cardiovascular activity, the greater and better the accommodation of our body will be in the capacity to carry out future activities of equal or greater intensity. In addition to the intensity, there is also the duration of the exercise, since the balance between both factors is the perfect way to achieve effective training. An adequate intensity in cardio causes an increase in our cardiorespiratory rate, burning more calories quickly while improving our metabolism.

The maintenance of this intensity, linked to a prolonged duration of the training, helps to improve our resistance, strengthening our heart and lungs. And these are just some of the most important benefits of doing cardio training.

Discover our range of fitness accessories

Fitness accessories help you improve certain skills that are of vital importance in many types of training or competition. Some of these accessories are great to work on stability, balance, speed and to tone up. In the extensive category of fitness accessories, you can find useful items for your suspension training, such as TR, and products such as trampolines or unstable surfaces; other items, like medicine balls, elastic bands, mats or ropes help you to tone up; and other bodybuilding accessories such as gloves, belts, weighted belts, quite effective to reinforce your training. Most of them can be incorporated into bodybuilding equipment or training with cardio training equipment to extend the possible exercises and work on strength and endurance in greater depth.

Sportswear; choose your style and fashion, and feel comfortable at any time

What's your thing? Yoga, running or high-intensity interval training? Whatever your favourite sport, get ready to sweat with our selection of sportswear, which perfectly combines style with functionality. In our range you'll find reinforced sports bras, shaping tights, shorts, yoga clothes, sports trousers and more. Discover our range of sports and functional clothing in many styles and colours.

No matter what game you play, enjoy our range of functional sportswear for men and women, the perfect fusion of fashion and training. Don’t miss our offers and buy our sportswear for a functional look in the latest styles and colours.

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