Treadmill for the home - independent of the weather and effective

Jogging regardless of weather and darkness? Nothing could be easier. With your own treadmill, you can do endurance training almost at any time. Without interruption - without excuses - completely carefree and easy on the joints in the comfort of your own home. How is it easy on the joints? Treadmills usually have a level surface. In addition, there is a springy cushioning system, which is now standard and thus ensures a gentle running feeling at all times.

Many models are now also foldable and can easily be stowed under the couch after training, which gives them an unbeatable advantage over other cardio machines. Pre-installed training programmes allow treadmill training to be individual, personalised and varied. Each treadmill offers different speed levels and inclines so that the training can be adapted to the needs of each individual runner.

Benefits of a treadmill

The benefits of running in general and treadmill training in particular are obvious. Running has been part of our daily routine since the beginning of humankind and is accordingly popular. Treadmill training is no exception. After a short evaluation run, your real training can begin.

In contrast to outdoor running training, treadmill training has various health and practical advantages:

  • Running at any time and regardless of the weather - In the morning before work, during your lunch break at the home office or in the evening while the kids are sleeping. Sometimes we're determined to run, but once the sun goes down or a sudden shower of rain hits us, the motivation drops. Anyone who owns their own treadmill can train flexibly, without wasting time, and stay dry and safe. Whenever it suits you.

  • Improve endurance and speed in a controlled manner and measure progress - We all have a training goal, be it a certain distance, a best time or general well-being. Typical training parameters such as speed, incline and heart rate, which should be standard in every good treadmill, contribute to successful treadmill training and should always be set consciously before training.

  • Allergy-free and comfortable walking - We know it well. As nice as it is to go running in nature in spring or summer, it can sometimes be a strain. When pollen is flying through the air, the temperature is too high for an easy run or the ground is too muddy from the previous day's rain, it is often difficult to fully enjoy the run. Running at home is a more pleasant and comfortable alternative.

  • Health benefits of running - Running is beneficial in many ways. It improves fitness, strengthens the muscles – primarily the lower muscle groups – and has a preventive effect on back pain. Thanks to the springy cushioning, treadmills are easier on the joints than training outdoors.

Find the right treadmill

The large number of different models does not make the search for the right treadmill easy. Depending on your running level and training goals, the requirements for a reliable treadmill vary. Which accessories or technical features should my treadmill have? These questions should definitely be clarified before purchase. We know how complicated and confusing such research can be, and we're happy to provide recommendations and tips:

  • For beginners - And people who primarily walk or lightly jog, who only use the treadmill occasionally and alone, easy-to-use and inexpensive beginner models are best suited. Treadmills with a motor power of up to 1.5 HP, approx. five running programmes, 10 km/h and a treadmill surface of 120 cm long and 45 cm wide are quite sufficient for this group of people. Due to the lower range of functions - compared to a premium treadmill - the costs are also significantly lower. A very good beginner treadmill can be purchased for as little as €400.

  • For hobby runners - Those who regularly and intensively usually need semi-professional equipment and should therefore consider a treadmill from the middle price range. We recommend a more powerful motor of up to 3 HP, approx. 15 training programmes and high-quality equipment with a spacious storage area, USB and audio connection and/or tablet holder. The maximum speed for these treadmills should be around 18 km/h. For a comfortable and safe running feeling, we recommend a running surface of at least 50 cm in width and 140 cm in length. €800 is reasonable in price.

  • For advanced users - Treadmills for professionals and advanced users should have the highest quality and variety of functions due to intensive use. We therefore recommend an engine power of at least 4 HP and a speed of 20 km/h or more. Due to the high pace of specialist runners on interval runs or progressive runs, the stride length is logically longer than that of less experienced runners. The running surface should also be adapted to this and be at least 150 cm long and 55 cm wide. In advanced running training, incline runs or mountain runs are a must, which is why professional treadmills should always allow a motorised incline of 15%. Last but not least, devices with joint-gentle and springy shock absorbers should be considered for intensive use. High-quality professional treadmills cost over €1,000.

What is important when buying a treadmill and what should I consider?

Various factors play a role in comfortable and targeted treadmill training. In addition to engine power (HP), running surface, treadmill damping, stability, fan and the ability to increase the intensity through functions such as incline or a large selection of training programmes, space-saving solutions such as foldable treadmills are also decisive arguments in deciding what to purchase. The most important criteria are provided in the treadmill guide.

In addition, we recommend our glossary, where all important terms relating to sport and training are presented and explained.

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