Garden Fireplace

Buy a garden fireplace online at low prices - high-quality design stoves for sophisticated terrace design

When night slowly falls, there is hardly anything nicer than ending a relaxing day with an atmospheric fire in the garden. A terrace fireplace provides warmth with its blazing flames and bathes the terrace in a warm light. At Electronic Star, you can buy a garden stove at a reasonable price. Treat your garden terrace to a highlight and equip it with a stylish outdoor fireplace!

Buy a garden fireplace and use a variety of functions

You can get an outdoor fireplace in our online shop for different areas of application. Classic models only have a chimney function and can be fired with fuel for atmospheric purposes. The design language of the models from well-known brands such as blumfeldt and Klarstein is extremely exclusive. You can also buy an outdoor fireplace from us with a pizza oven or gas grill for the preparation of delicacies. Other versions act as radiant heaters. If you want a cosy lighting for your terrace in the evening and want to do without conventional light sources, you are making an excellent decision with one of the luxurious garden stoves from our online shop.

A garden stove rarely comes alone - attractive variety of models

Garden stoves come in a variety of shapes from narrow and tall to wide and compact. Some versions have a separate storage compartment for fuel such as logs. In terms of materials, we differentiate between garden fireplaces made of stainless steel, sheet steel, cast iron and firebrick. Other differences can be seen in the type of heating. In addition to a wood-burning stove, there are gas fireplaces and pellet-based patio heaters to choose from. You can continue to benefit from garden fireplaces in an attractive variety of colours in our shop. From black and anthracite to white to elegantly shimmering bronze and silver, there is a suitable patio fireplace for everyone.

Buying a garden oven - how to find the right one

When looking for a garden fireplace that fits perfectly with your outdoor facilities, it makes sense to first look at the format. If you want your future garden stove to stand in a terrace alcove, you are well advised to choose a tall and very slim model. With a wood-burning stove, you can heat in the classic way and enjoy crackling logs. You can find a rustproof garden stove with a model made of stainless steel. If the outdoor fireplace is in a windy area, a solid cast iron model is ideal. Order a high-quality and modern garden fireplace of your choice in the Electronic Star online shop today!


Do you need official approval for an outdoor fireplace?

As long as you operate the outdoor fireplace as intended with a permitted fuel such as wood, gas or pellets, you do not need official approval for the atmospheric heat source.

What material should your garden fireplace be?

If the fireplace is permanently on your terrace, it will come into contact with rain and humidity. In this case, the focus should be on a corrosion-resistant material. Stainless steel offers a high level of protection against corrosion. A slight rust resistance is given with burnished steel.

Which wood can be burned in an outdoor fireplace?

It is important that the wood is natural. If wood has been coated with varnish, has been treated with oil or if there are still paint residues on it, burning is not permitted. The reason for this is that toxic vapours could escape into the environment when such wood is burned.

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