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Cardio workout

Find all you need to dive into cardio workout, on HiFi Tower

Burning fat, losing weight, increasing fitness, strengthening muscles and the cardiovascular system: cardio workout has many advantages, and is deeply beneficial for your health, as it reduces the risk of numerous diseases. At the same time, cardio workout and strength training are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they complement each other perfectly.

The choice of the most suitable gear is up to you alone, and on HiFi Tower we offer you a wide range of equipment to build a perfect home gym that has nothing to envy to traditional fitness centres. Discover all our offers for cross trainers, exercise bikes, treadmills, steppers and rowing machines.

Cardio workout: train your heart by losing weight

A cardio training workout in the gym or at home consists of a circuit of cardiovascular exercises based on intense aerobic activity, i.e. the energy produced during breathing. A workout of this type allows you to burn up to 700 calories in an hour. As a rule, cardio exercises are carried out in the gym because to perform them in the best possible way you need specific equipment such as the treadmill, exercise bike, elliptical and rowing machine.

Training frequently and consistently and opting for a healthy diet is essential to see the first slimming effects. Ideally, you should train no less than three times a week, and avoid exceeding five sessions which would tire the body too much. cardio workout at home is growing in popularity as many seek to avoid high membership fees in gyms and long distances. A home gym allows you to train without having to travel long distances, regardless of opening hours and weather conditions, in a completely flexible way and according to your needs.

There are many suitable training devices, such as the elliptical trainer, treadmill, rowing

machine or exercise bike. In this way, you can do a lot for your health, especially for your cardiovascular system.

Five basic exercises for cardio workout

It is always advisable to be followed by an instructor, but for the first approach to cardio workout, you can start with some simple exercises at home. Here are the five most important ones:

  • High knee skip
    The high-knee ski is nothing more than a run on the spot where your knees aim to get as high as possible. The back must always remain straight and never curved.

  • Jumping Jacks
    Jumping jacks are jumps during which the legs and arms extend outwards. The arms must always go from the thighs to the top of the head. It is a complete exercise as it involves all the muscles of the body. It is good to start at a moderate speed with a low number of repetitions, and then increase it as you progress through the workout.

  • Step up
    All it takes is a simple step. The exercise consists of going up and down the step at a constant pace and an appropriate speed. This type of training will be good for the heart, but also for your buttocks and thighs.

  • Mountain Climber
    The mountain climber, also known as a climber, is a slightly more complex exercise. Your hands should be placed on the ground laterally, at head height at this point; knees should be carried alternately to the chest. Abdominals and buttocks must be contracted for the exercise to work. As this is an intense exercise, it is advisable to start with a few repetitions and then increase them as you become familiar with this type of movement.

  • Squat
    Among fat-burning cardio exercises aimed at losing weight in G.A.G training, this is certainly one of the most effective. You can execute it with weight or balance, or even free-body. It consists of squatting down by bending your knees and making sure they never exceed the tips of your feet. You should keep you back straight: by doing so, you’ll contribute to firm thighs and buttocks. cardio workout is the most comprehensive as it helps to lose weight and tone every part of the body.

The main benefits of cardio workout for your health

cardio workout at home has many advantages: it is ideal for keeping fit and burning calories. It stimulates the metabolism, improves endurance, energy and strength, has an extremely positive effect on the cardiovascular system and thus promotes overall health.

Through cardio training, you can reduce the risk of various diseases. cardio workout is also effective for those who train with weights. After regeneration, they can make the muscles grow again more quickly. To fully benefit from cardio training, it is important to train regularly and sufficiently. Last but not least, endurance sports also help to release happiness hormones, improve mood and can help relieve depression or, in the first instance, prevent it. cardio workout is not only fun but also has positive effects on various body functions, as we try to sum up in the following table.

Heart and blood vessels Muscles Lungs
  • The heart works more effectively
  • The heart rate decreases
  • Heartbeats increase
  • Blood pressure drops
  • Circulatory disorders can be prevented
  • Blood vessels are better protected
  • Strengthens the muscles
  • Muscles receive more nutrients and regenerate faster
  • Muscle performance improves
  • Body fat is reduced
  • Respiratory volume increases

  • Lungs work better

  • The supply of oxygen to the body improves
Brain and psyche Blood Immune system
  • Improves concentration
  • The brain is sprayed with blood
  • New connections are created between brain cells
  • It has calming and stress-reducing effects
  • It can prevent depression
  • It releases serotonin, the hormone of good mood
  • It helps to reduce sleep disorders
  • Blood cells multiply

  • More oxygen is transported

  • The organs are better sprayed

  • The risk of thrombosis is reduced
  • The number of antibodies increases and the immune system is strengthened

  • The insulin level is reduced

  • The muscles store more glycogen

Some essential gear for your cardio workouts

In our product gallery, you will find cardio workout equipment from the best brands to involve different muscle groups and get a perfect fit. You should choose according to your taste and the sport you practise. Alternatively, to avoid falling back into boredom, organise your work by doing cardio sessions with different equipment. If you do not have the possibility of attending sports facilities, but do not want to give up a complete workout at home, buy a multifunctional gym, an abdominal bench or gym dumbbells. On HiFi Tower you can find cardio workout equipment from the best brands, at discounted prices. If you own a gym or sports facility, you can choose from a wide range of semi-professional and professional products of the highest quality, such as:

  • Exercise bike: this equipment allows you to achieve various athletic goals without straining your joints. When you sit on the saddle and push the pedals, you train your leg muscles, you strengthen your stamina, and your cardiovascular system starts up again. This cardio workout device also plays an important role in the prevention of locomotor system health problems and back pain. The load is individually adjustable using resistance levels and most models are equipped with integrated pulse measurement, usually on the handles. Also, the distance travelled, speed, time and calorie consumption, as well as the heart rate, is shown on the display.

  • Elliptical machine: this device is very gentle on the joints and is therefore very suitable for slightly overweight people whose joints are heavily stressed during conventional jogging. All major muscle groups are trained, and arms are also involved, increasing calorie consumption. The selectable programmes offer a perfectly balanced training programme.

  • Treadmill; it also allows you to burn a lot of calories and improve your fitness effectively. The treadmill's surface is slightly sprung and therefore, does not strain the joints. Many models offer a choice of various programmes and speed levels to precisely improve your fitness level.

  • Rowing machine: this incredible gear automatically simulates the rowing machine's sequence of movements. The seat slides on the rails during the rowing movement when the handles or straps are pulled towards the body. The gentle rowing ergometer on the joints not only improves the heart and circulatory system, effectively increasing fat burning, but also trains the entire muscle system and prevents back pain. The rowing machine's resistance can be adjusted to meet the requirements of various cardio workouts, and an upright rower is a perfect solution when you are short on space at home, as you can store it conveniently without using too much space.
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