Electric blankets & heated pillows

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Electric blankets & heated pillows

Electric blankets & heated pillows

Electric blankets and heated pillows provide soothing warmth that helps not only during the cold season, but also with health problems, such as back pain. Unlike a hot water bottle filled with water, they don't cool down, but provide heat for as long as you need it. Read here what distinguishes the products, how they work, what versions are available and what features they have.

Heated blanket - the advantages

Especially when it gets colder outside, the electric blanket is very popular. Just like the heatable pillow, it offers cosy warmth within a very short time. Many people put them in the bed before going to sleep. The blanket proves to be practical not only in winter. It is ideal for people who get cold more easily, and also makes sense as part of heat therapy, for example with the following complaints and diseases:

  • Neck or back pain
  • Muscle and joint pain
  • Arthritis
  • Rheumatism
  • Fibromyalgia

The heated blankets are an alternative to pain-relieving medication or ointments because they warm the muscles, and thereby restore freedom of movement. The deeply penetrating warmth of the blanket promotes blood circulation, ensures relaxation and loosens cramped muscles.

Electric blankets provide warmth over a large area of the body, while heated pillows are suitable for treating small areas of the body. A heated carpet is ideal for the feet. Electric blankets have built-in wires that are heated by the electric current. This heat is given off to the outside. The power for heating up is comparatively low at mostly 100 to 150 watts. The energy requirement for the blanket is significantly lower than when the entire room is heated.

Buying an electric blanket - different types and features

Thanks to breathable and special fabrics, such as soft micro plush, the thermal blanket is wonderfully cuddly. You can control it with a remote control and adjust the heat individually. Choose between different performance levels. Today's electric blankets are equipped with the latest technology and offer many features, such as:

  • Desired temperature thanks to different heat levels
  • Timer, for example 1 to 12 hours
  • Safety thanks to overheating protection and automatic switch-off
  • Illuminated display
  • Removable control panel
  • Hygienic material, machine washable

There are also practical, comfortable and super soft electric blankets with sleeves.

Buying an electric blanket or heated pillow - what is suitable?

There are a variety of electric blankets. Make sure you get the right size when purchasing. Should it be XL or XXL? With dimensions of 2 x 1.8 metres, the generous XXL Klarstein Dr. Watson Blanket, for example, has enough space for two to snuggle up comfortably and keep warm. The Comfort & Style Dr. Watson electric blanket is 1.8 x 1.3 metres large. Or would you rather have a smaller heated carpet to warm your feet? The products have up to six heating levels. Electric blankets that allow you to adjust the temperature and have overheating protection and an automatic switch-off are significantly higher quality than simple models. With the timer, you can decide for yourself when the blanket should switch off.


Why buy an electric heating blanket or heated pillow?

Many people love to be cosy and warm during the cold months. Whether in bed or on the sofa, electric blankets take care of the warmth. In addition, they are suitable for various health complaints, such as back pain or arthritis, as well as for targeted heat treatment.

How does an electric blanket work?

Electric blankets work with an outlet, but use less energy than turning the heater on. They are available in different sizes and are safe to use thanks to integrated safety functions such as overheating protection and automatic switch-off. You can also wash the blanket in a washing machine after removing the power supply.

Who are electric blankets suitable for?

The blankets ensure pleasant warmth all year round. They are suitable for people who get cold faster or who want to treat body regions with heat. The blanket warms up in minutes.
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