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Vibration training

Vibration plate: effective full body workout at home

Get your body moving! Vibration plates are becoming increasingly popular among fitness fans. The gently oscillating training devices are easy to use and can be used for various purposes: weight loss, muscle building, wellness, massage and improving your sense of balance. Together with a well-planned diet and additional training, the vibration plate will help you achieve your dream body - and the best fitness!

These are the types of vibration plates we offer

The good thing about the vibration plate: You no longer have to go to the gym, you can do your workout comfortably in your own home. When you want, where you want. Which model you choose depends on your training goals. Some versions - such as the Klarfit Vibe VX plate - exclusively perform alternating left-right movements. Other models - like the Klarfit 4DX Pro plate - vibrate in all directions: vertical, linear and oscillating. A key differentiator is the motor power. With our Klarfit vibration boards, it ranges from 200 to 500 watts. The stronger the motor, the more intense the vibration. The training devices also differ in shape - straight vs. slightly curved tread surface. Last but not least, the maximum resilience is a criterion that you should pay attention to. The heavier you are, the stronger the plate should be.

What do I need a vibration trainer for?

Use your vibration trainer for an effective and varied workout at home. The vibration of the plate intensively contracts and stimulates your muscles. As a result, exercises with this piece of sporting equipment are significantly more effective than comparable exercises without a plate. The vibrating plate impresses above all with its versatility: You can use the vibrating plate to lose weight or even build up a little muscle. The positive effects also include:

  • Soothing massage
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Increase in bone density
  • Better posture in everyday life
  • Fat burning

The vibration board offers you these advantages

With the Sport vibrating plate you will achieve visible success in a short time. The contraction of the muscles when swinging the board guarantees fast effects. The high intensity of the training ensures that you achieve your goals effectively. The exercises can be performed sitting, standing, lying or in a squatting position. Use the enclosed instructions for correct exercise execution. You can do stretching exercises, balance exercises or strength exercises on the plate. An expander is usually included in the scope of delivery. A remote control is also included. Devices that only perform vertical movements are sufficient for beginners. For advanced users, we recommend devices that vibrate in all directions.

Vibration Plate FAQs

How long does a workout on the vibration trainer last?

A pleasant feeling sets in after just one minute. After 10 minutes your body has reached its maximum temperature. Due to the high intensity, the training should not last longer than 20 minutes.

Is training on the plate dangerous?

Be careful not to feel the vibrations in your head, as this could cause dizziness. Otherwise, the training is generally not dangerous if the exercise is performed correctly.

How many calories will I burn with a 10 minute workout on the vibration plate?

In 10 minutes, an average person burns about 90 calories doing vibration training.
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