Weather Stations

Buy weather stations inexpensively online

A weather station is a versatile measuring device with different functions. These classic measuring devices consist of a thermometer for the outside temperature, a barometer for measuring the air pressure and a hygrometer that shows the humidity. The stations are popular with professionals and amateur meteorologists alike because they display an almost perfectly accurate weather forecast. You should pay attention to these things if you want to buy a versatile weather station.

A weather station with outdoor sensor is available in different versions

The professional weather stations from our range consist of reliable indoor and outdoor stations that deliver exact values thanks to the high quality and modern technology. The equipment includes a thermometer for the air temperature, a hygrometer for the humidity and a barometer for the air pressure to create more accurate weather forecasts.

The stations also have an anemometer for wind speed and various sensors that measure air pollution. You can read the values either on a clear colour display or via an app that shows you all the measurement results on your smartphone or tablet.

What a private wireless weather station is suitable for

Weather stations that are used in the private sector make everyday planning easier, for example. The day's outdoor activities can be scheduled in advance. Choosing the right clothes is also made easier. In the hobby sector, a weather station can provide important information for cyclists, hikers, anglers or pilots. If you are a farmer or gardener, you can also benefit from using a station. Due to the numerous features of the weather stations, various diseases and pests can be predicted. The temperatures and the amount of precipitation are also very important information for gardening and agriculture.

What is particularly important when buying a wireless weather station

If you want to buy a weather station, the model should be able to process and display the weather data in an uncomplicated way. It is advantageous if the station is equipped with a clear display. It should also be possible to display the measurement data on a smartphone or tablet. Indoor and outdoor stations should also be able to be connected without much effort. Ideally, the measurement results are transmitted and reproduced via radio or WiFi.

When making a purchase decision, you should focus on the features of the weather station. The more measurement data is shown on the display or screen, the more confusing it becomes. It is therefore very important that the station compiles the current data and displays it with coloured symbols. This way, you know exactly how high the temperatures are at the moment and whether rain, sun or snow is to be expected.

Weather station FAQs

Is the weather station with outdoor sensor connected to the house electricity?

The outdoor unit of the station runs on batteries and is therefore independent of the house electricity. Operation with rechargeable batteries is not recommended because the voltage is lower.

How can weather stations display the weather forecast?

There are model variants that are equipped with a colour display. The recorded data can also be accessed via an app on a smartphone or tablet.

What measurements can the weather stations make?

With the weather stations from our range, it is possible to display temperature, air pressure, precipitation, wind, UV radiation and light at the same time.

How far apart can the indoor and outdoor stations be set up?

The weather stations have a maximum connection distance of 100 metres.
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