Wall clocks

Buy a wall clock: A classic for stylish home furnishings

The wall clock has been a home furnishing classic for many decades. The fact that the time is displayed on the smartphone, which is available at all times, has not changed that. A quick glance is enough to find out the exact time. In the kitchen, wall clocks can also be an important practical aid when it comes to precisely observing cooking times.

Kitchen clock: More than just a timepiece

In addition to their practical use, wall clocks also have a decorative function. Just like pictures or wall decorations, they contribute to a better feeling of living in your own home. An attractive design is correspondingly important. At blumfeldt you can now buy Queensway wall clocks for the living room and kitchen. They impress with top functionality as well as a high-quality design that meets your high standards.

Wall clocks are not only a good choice for the home

In addition to your own house or flat, the stylish wall clocks from our shop are also suitable for use in other places. This includes offices and authorities as well as medical and legal practices and gastronomic establishments, such as cafés and restaurants.

Large vintage style wall clock

The design of our wall clocks impresses with a distinctive vintage style with an open design and Roman numerals. You can choose between models with diameters of 60 cm, 76 cm and 100 cm. How big the clock should be depends mainly on the size of the room.

60 cm is a good diameter for small kitchens and living rooms. A diameter of 76 cm is suitable for medium-sized rooms, and a diameter of 100 cm for large to very large rooms. You can perfectly match the colour of the wall clock to your interior. We offer our Queensway wall clocks with frames in black, rose gold, gold, copper and white.

Living room and kitchen clock with a stable metal frame

You don't have to worry about the stability of our wall clocks. Each clock is made from a sturdy metal frame. This one, on the other hand, is not so heavy that it might cause problems with hanging. The models with a diameter of 60 cm have a weight of 1.3 kg. Our wall clocks with a diameter of 76 cm weigh 2.1 kg. The largest versions, with a diameter of 100 cm, weigh 3.1 kg.

Precise and silent wall clocks with battery operation

All wall clocks from our shop have a high-precision quartz movement with battery operation. As long as the AA battery is sufficiently charged, you can rely on continuously accurate timekeeping. Additional advantage: The wall clocks will not bother you with constant ticking. The silent operation makes it easy to use them in your bedroom or other acoustically sensitive environment.

How do I clean my blumfeldt wall clock?

The cleaning of blumfeldt wall clocks is completely easy and only necessary at longer intervals. Simply wipe the surface of the frame with a slightly damp cloth. The best way to clean the frame from all sides is to remove the clock, clean it and then hang it up again.

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