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Home gyms: Get all your exercises on one machine

With a home gym from the electronic star range, you are choosing a particularly versatile piece of equipment that you can use profitably for everything from daily fitness training to bodybuilding. The traditional home gym with weights is available from us as well as models that create training resistance with the help of stretchable elastic bands. In addition, you will find cable pulling machines for ceiling mounting, cable pulling bridges and load pulling machines.

Home gyms with weights

At the standard home gym, you train with weights that can be stacked in steps and moved with the help of a cable pulley. In many cases, this is a home gym with a leg press that works the front muscles of the thigh (quadriceps femoris). A chest station is also a typical feature. With an attached pulley, you train your arm muscles such as the biceps and triceps.

Dip-tower models are used for challenging dead-lift exercises that strengthen your posterior arm and shoulder muscles. For the training of the three gluteal muscles gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, there is a stepper that also works the entire leg area. A negative bench serves as a weight bench on which you can train the pectoral muscles particularly intensively because the support is directed downwards at an angle.

Home gym without weights and weight bench

With a home gym without weights, the tension of the cable pull itself takes over the function of resistance. You can also train all muscle groups on this appliance The spectrum of possible exercises ranges from curls, rowing and side pulls to cable cross. Compared to weights, the tensile loads are particularly easy on the joints. In addition, the workout is almost silent because there are no weights colliding with each other: a big advantage when training at home.

If you prefer training with barbells and dumbbells, the bench press is always a good choice. The available equipment includes, for example, the curl desk and the leg curler. A cable pulley for rowing can also be integrated in high-quality weight benches. Good to know: For each home gym, weight bench and other appliances, you will find a PDF with detailed assembly instructions.


Which muscles can be trained on a home gym?

The home gym is a multifunctional piece of training equipment with which you can train your stomach and back as well as your shoulders, arms and legs. The exact range of possible exercises depends on the equipment of the individual appliance.

What is the advantage of a home gym?

Regardless of whether it's a home gym or a bodybuilding machine, a home gym saves you the trouble of having to switch between different machines. If you want to buy a home gym, you can even save money compared to buying individual machines separately.

Is a home gym suitable for home use?

A home gym is very suitable for home use. A small training room is all you need to set up the appliance. Here at electronic star you can find fitness equipment with space-saving dimensions of only 120 x 140 x 100 cm. Larger models can take up 214 x 210 x 247 cm, for example.

Up to which weight can a home gym be loaded?

The maximum load of a home gym is usually around 150 kg. Individual models may have a higher or lower load capacity.

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