Weight Benches

Weight training and endurance training at the same time are enjoying increasing popularity. This is made possible by a weight bench, which is part of the basic equipment of every fitness studio and can also be set up in a foldable version at home if there is little space.

The foldable weight bench can be stowed away when not in use. The training is not only suitable for young people, it can be done at any age. The various models and options that are available as well as the advantages are explained below.

Training bench - for various exercises

This training device is the perfect choice when it comes to strength training or muscle building, for example with dumbbells or barbells. Once set up, the training sessions can be completed as the mood takes you. This saves going to the gym and monthly fees.

The training bench can replace many devices or combine them in one station. Above all, the bench press is one of the basic exercises that should not be missing from your routine. Due to the variability of the weights and movement sequences, it is possible to train the whole body and also to target individual muscle groups.

The advantages are many:

  • Strengthening of the muscles and the supporting apparatus
  • Regeneration of muscle groups
  • Training of the back and the arms
  • Avoiding muscle breakdown
  • Building of bone mass
  • Prevention of health problems such as herniated discs

Strength training not only strengthens muscles, but also stimulates fat burning.

Incline bench or flat bench? Which weight bench should I buy?

Thanks to the adjustable backrest, incline benches make it possible to train the muscles from different angles as well as the abdomen and back and to strengthen the entire body. Thanks to the inclined position, small, often neglected muscle groups are also trained. The programme will be more diverse and effective. Dumbbells and barbells can be used on the inclined bench.

Typical exercises are:

  • Incline bench press
  • Shoulder press
  • Sit-ups

In order to be able to use incline benches together with a barbell, an additional barbell rack is required. Alternatively, a barbell bench can also be bought directly. The flat bench, on the other hand, on which the lying surface cannot be adjusted in the incline, enables the shaping of certain muscle groups such as the chest muscles.

Dumbbell bench with weights

Training benches without additional weights can only be used to a very limited extent. Weight benches with weights, on the other hand, are suitable for various exercises such as bench press. They are structured differently. Models with an integrated barbell rack are very popular. A barbell bar is usually included.

With the right weight plates, you can start training straight away. Without a storage lock, the training bench is more suitable for dumbbells. A weight bench set with elements such as leg curlers, butterfly trainers and latissimus modules is also very useful. Collapsible weight benches can not only be folded up, as the name suggests, but can often be converted into a chair. This allows the biceps to be comfortably challenged while sitting.

Buy a weight bench at Electronic Star

No matter whether bench press, curl, fly or neck press, the weight bench is the perfect training device for extensive strength training at home. It can be used for general muscle building. Flat benches are the ideal entry-level equipment. The incline bench can be set up at the appropriate angle required for the exercises and, thanks to the individually adjustable backrest, enables a more extensive and effective workout. If you have little space, you can buy a weight bench that is foldable. This makes it possible to put it away when not in use. Weight benches with weights are true all-rounders.

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