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Whether for delicious fruit juices or green smoothies: a juicer belongs in every good household. What is important to consider when buying a juicer? What models are there and what are they best for? Dive into the wonderful world of juices and find answers to some frequently asked questions.

What juicing systems are there?

Juicing devices can be distinguished primarily by their special technology. In some kitchens, there are vertical juicers with a centrifuge system. The juice is obtained by centrifuging. However, due to the heating of the juice during the juicing process, the quality suffers. The result is the loss of important nutrients.

Far better are slow juicers with a horizontal screw mechanism that slowly rotates. Juices pressed in this way retain their vitamin richness. There are also juice extractors with a vertically rotating auger. For those in a hurry, these have the advantage that they squeeze more juice faster than the horizontal devices.

For pressing larger amounts of fruit, there are devices that work with water pressure. Such apple juicers are no longer actual kitchen appliances. They can be conveniently used outside near a water connection. Another type of juicer is the steam juicer. Juices with a long shelf life are obtained by steam heating and subsequent sterilisation.

Fresh juice or preserved juice: what the devices are best suited for

Klarstein's Applebee brings sweetness into your life. Using steam, it juices berries and fruit for jellies, compotes or juices. Thanks to heating and subsequent sterilisation, the products can be kept for many months. Klarstein's Bella Elegance with a horizontally rotating auger is a slow juicer for fruit, vegetables, foliage, herbs and nuts. You can use it to make fruit juices or smoothies of all kinds.

Klarsteins Fruitberry belongs to the category of slow juicers with a vertical screw press. For fresh juices from fruit, vegetables, leaves, herbs or nuts. The Waldbeck Fruit Punch works with water pressure. It is suitable as a grape or apple juicer.

Buying the right juicer

If you want to regularly juice large quantities of stone fruit or grapes, the Fruit Punch juicer is a good choice. For juices with a longer shelf life, you can buy Klarstein's Applebee. If you value fresh, high-quality juices that contain as many nutrients as possible, we recommend choosing either the Klarstein Fruitberry or Bella Elegance.

Juicer FAQs

What can be processed with a juicer?

You can use it to press fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and nuts soaked in water.

Which device types are the best?

It depends on what kind of juice you want to make, and in what quantity, speed and quality. The most versatile are horizontal slow juicers. Thanks to the low number of revolutions of the screw press, they juice more gently than other presses. In addition, they can cope with any common product to be pressed, are quiet and deliver an optimal juice yield. However, due to the horizontal design, they take up more space in the kitchen.

Why is the number of revolutions so important when making juice?

The slower the number of revolutions, the more gentle the juicing process will be. The juice is barely heated. This preserves valuable vitamins and other nutrients.

Are the individual parts dishwasher safe?

No. In order to protect them, it is advisable to always clean individual parts manually, whether they are plastic or metal. Please note the information in the operating instructions.
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