Ab Trainers & Benches

Ab trainer for healthy and efficient abdominal muscle training

Every athlete and non-athlete dreams of a flat, well-trained stomach. With an ab trainer from our shop, this dream can come true, and you can finally bring effective abdominal training to the comfort of your own home.

Our store offers ab muscle trainers for professional needs, which are also a great feature in any home gym. Our range provides a combination of professional quality flexible devices for a strong core.

Get a six-pack with the ab trainer - strong abdominal muscles and more

Due to their natural fragmentation, abdominal muscles are particularly visible when the level of training is good. A prerequisite for a six-pack (or even eight clearly differentiated muscles) is both muscle training and a low body fat percentage. Abdominal training primarily ensures the strong definition of musculature and clearly protruding muscles. This is not only important cosmetically; the abdominal muscles and the core of the body also make a decisive contribution to stabilising our body and our posture.

However, it is also important to carry out the exercises particularly cleanly and correctly during abdominal training. Form often suffers for beginners just as much as advanced users, as incorrectly executed crunches and leg raises not only make training less efficient, but also offer the potential for injury. The contraction of the lower abdominal muscles also engages the lower spine, which can lead to conditions such as a herniated disc.

With the help of an ab muscle trainer, this risk of injury can be reduced, and at the same time the intensity can be increased. Intensity is important for efficiently building muscle mass, as well as for stimulating circulation and thereby reducing body fat - both are important for an attractive six-pack.

Buy an ab trainer now - strong core and well-defined muscles

In our store you will find ab muscle trainers for beginners as well as professional devices for studios or fitness rooms in hotels. Beginner abdominal training is made easy with a sit-up support pillow, which provides a healthy and efficient way to train the abdomen without stressing the lower back. This is particularly important for beginners who still have to learn the correct technique.

Advanced users, on the other hand, can use the ab trainer and bench in one. These can also be used for the back, the lateral abdominal muscles or (thanks to expander bands) even for the arms. This allows flexible use of the abdominal trainer at home and is an ideal training combination, especially at home. For the upper end of the performance spectrum, combined abdominal and back trainers are ideal, which, thanks to the wide base and flexible pads, offer many exercise variations and also easily withstand training with additional weight. This takes up more space, but is the best choice for weight rooms and studios.

Whether training upper abs, the lateral abdominal muscles or the lower stomach - the high-quality equipment in our online shop enables you to always carry out the desired exercises correctly.

Abdominal training for beginners and advanced athletes

An ab trainer is a real miracle of efficiency. By increasing the lever and angle, you can increase intensity or target hard-to-reach areas like the lower and oblique ab muscles without equipment. At the same time, thanks to an abdominal trainer, beginners can perform ab muscle exercises more easily and thus train much more effectively.

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