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Buy dishes & cutlery online at a great price

Whether for the four walls at home, the garden or the camping trailer on tour: once the cooker or barbecue is up to temperature, the delicacies are not far away. With the right cutlery and dishes, you not only stay effective when preparing food, but also add an eye-catcher to your kitchen and dining table. In the Electronic Star online shop, you have the opportunity to buy high-quality cutlery and dishes made of alternative materials.

In solid steel and wood: dishes and cutlery made of durable materials.

A look at our generously stocked range reveals attractive children's tableware. Plates, bowls and spoons are made of the natural raw material bamboo - the spoons are additionally finished with silicone. Our collection also includes a knife set and a matching knife block. Alternatively, you can also store your cutlery in one of our wooden cutlery boxes - protected from the reach of small children. The knife sets have a varying number of pieces and some are also available with a pair of scissors.

These are the features you can expect from our children's dishes, cutlery boxes and knife sets

The combination of hard bamboo and soft silicone prevents the dishes from getting scratched. In addition, bamboo is an extremely fast-growing natural resource, which makes your tableware purchase sustainable. For an equally environmentally friendly solution, choose a wooden cutlery tray. It keeps your cutlery safe from humidity, dirt and dust. With a knife block, you not only add a stylish touch to your knives, but also protect the worktop and yourself from cuts. Our high-quality knife sets are designed for professional use, made of robust steel and with excellent cutting power. They add a visual highlight to your kitchen.

Shopping guide for dishes and cutlery for hobby and professional chefs

The drawers of classic kitchen furniture often lack a cutlery tray. You can upgrade your cutlery tray with us at a favourable price. Knife blocks, in contrast, are particularly suitable if Santoku knives, paring knives and bread knives are used frequently. In this way, you have quick access even if your hands are not clean. The handles of drawers remain intact. Buy a knife block with an integrated chopping board if your kitchen has only space for all-in-one solutions. Our wooden dishes for children is great for picnics with the little ones in the countryside. It can be cleaned quickly afterwards and remains hygienic at all times. You can also order bamboo plates with elephant or rabbit faces as an unusual gift.

Dishes & Cutlery FAQs

What should I look for when buying dishes for children?

It is important that the material is free of harmful substances and that the edges are rounded. This minimises the risk of injury. Bamboo is particularly suitable because of its natural and unique grain.

How many compartments should a good cutlery tray have?

You can optimally structure your cutlery if the box has six to seven compartments. This is where knives, forks, tablespoons, teaspoons, cake forks, kitchen knives and accessories such as glass straws etc. can be stored. place.

Which knives should be included in high-quality knife sets?

Besides a utility knife and chef's knife, a Santoku knife should not be missing. A paring knife is suitable for preparing vegetables. Bread knives and fillet knives with precision blades round off exclusive knife sets.
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