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Weight vest - a training all-rounder to build strength and endurance

Weight vests can effectively support various training sessions. You can improve your condition and - depending on your training goals - build muscle or burn fat and fundamentally support coordination. Different sizes and weights allow the individual use of a weight vest. Our range includes weight vests of different designs and with different weight units.

Integrate a weight vest into your training

A vest with weights is suitable, for example, as a supplementary training device for endurance training such as jogging or hiking. The additional weight on the body helps with active fat burning and strengthens the muscles. Accordingly, the weight vest can be used not only for running, but also for normal everyday movement. For example, it can also be worn when shopping or cycling. It is also a valuable aid in weight training. If you like training with your own body weight, you can easily replace the performance of individual exercises with a weight vest.

You can, for example, increase the challenge of push-ups or squats. The weight vest can also be used for CrossFit, i.e. a combination of endurance and strength training. Even those who already have their own favourite workouts can give their training an extra boost with the help of weight vests. Regardless of the type of training - when using weight vests, correct posture and clean execution are even more important due to the additional weight. Therefore, it can be worthwhile to start small with the weights in order to gain confidence with both.

Using a weight vest - how much weight should I use?

When wearing weight vests, it always depends on your individual physical constitution and training goals. For example, more experienced athletes with a solid background in strength training can use a 30 kg weight vest. On the other hand, if you are using weight vests for the first time or have difficulty estimating the right weight, you should use lighter or adjustable weight vests. At Capital Sports, for example, there are models that have a base weight but have removable weights. These are ideal for trying out different weight units and varying the load and training intensity as needed.

In addition to weight, another factor is of course of crucial importance - comfort. Weight vests must fit and fit snugly. On the other hand, if wearing it is rather uncomfortable or even restricts freedom of movement, the model is not suitable for personal use. The same applies here: If you are unsure, it is best to start with a lower weight than a weight vest up to 10 kg and then increase if necessary. Then you can also use a weight vest with 20 kg or 30 kg.

Buy a Capital Sports weight vest and individually optimise your training

Capital Sports offers a comprehensive range of modern, comfortable and functional weight vests. Different designs or shapes, sizes, variants and weight units allow a large selection. Whether for everyday life, strength or endurance training or a successful combination - Capital Sports weight vests are versatile. The offer ranges from:

  • Weight vest with 5 kg
  • Weight vest with 10 kg
  • Weight vest with 20 kg
  • Weight vest with 30 kg

This allows individual adjustment to your training level and respective training goals. Whichever model you decide on, secure payment, free shipping and a 60-day right of return are always included.

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